Our Values


We believe that positive change happens best in local communities, driven by the people who live there. A healthy community is one in which all its members are able to flourish and contribute, starting with its youth.


We aim to be transparent in all we do and to act in accordance with our values at all times. We understand that trust is earned only by following through with our commitments, owning our mistakes and taking action to address problems. Mistakes are part of learning; we fail only when we attempt to cover them up.


Our organisation is built on the passion of our team and the passion of the young people we support. Our goal is to nurture that passion and support all who work for and with us to fulfill their potential.
Passionate people care about their work and each other. They are approachable, committed, flexible and creative. They strive to improve themselves and those around them. They know how to have fun whilst taking responsibility for their role.
We are passionate about our people because we know our organisation would be nothing without them.


We believe that diversity encourages creativity and leads to healthy exchange. We welcome diversity in all forms - people, ideas, opinions, backgrounds - and strive to think outside the box of our own limited experience. This is reflected in our people, our events, our programmes and our applicants. We do not discriminate but celebrate potential in all we encounter.


Collaboration is central to our culture, both in our team and in our community. We value the unique contribution of each team member and aim to find out who they are and how they fit. As an organisation we look to partner, not compete and strive to find the “win win” solution which brings benefit to all. We are most successful when we work together, building networks of like minded people to achieve positive results.


Independence is important to us. We are not aligned to any political party, religion or ideology and do not tolerate discrimination or hatred. Within our organisation we are free to express ourselves, contribute ideas, innovate, try things out, fail. We are free from ridicule, blame, judgement and bullying. We trust our people to have autonomy over their work and will support them to achieve their goals.


Freedom without accountability is chaos. We understand that actions have consequences and that we exist within a community. We look to evaluate ourselves and our impact at all times and expect honest, constructive and engaged feedback from those we work with. We know that as people we are accountable to each other and as an organisation we are accountable to you.


As an organisation we are always open to change. To stay relevant and sustainable we must be responsive to our environment and willing to adapt to the circumstances we find ourselves in. An evolving organisation does not stand still but listens to the current of the times and flows with it.

Living by our values helps us make a POSITIVE IMPACT on our community, and we strive towards this goal in all we do.