Meet Our Team


Rob Starr - Co-founder

Rob co-founded the Starr Trust in 2008 after losing his father Edward to cancer. Rob wanted to give to others what his father gave to him; quite simply a belief that he could achieve anything. Rob passionately believes that there is nothing more empowering than inspiring people to be the best that they can be.
Outside of his Chairmanship of the Starr Trust Rob is also CEO of the Seico Insurance & Mortgage Group, having founded the company in 1990 at age 21. Rob is also the author of the book “From Starr to Starrfish” about his journey to learn to swim and conquer the English Channel and is currently completing his first fiction novel. Rob has also written four plays and co-written two full length musicals, all of which have been staged. Rob is currently heading a team to turn Brighton & Hove’s dilapidated King Alfred Leisure Centre into a modern Community Hub offering the City new seafront living along with a hub for Leisure, Theatre and the Arts.


Darren Abrahams - Co-founder

Darren co-founded the Starr Trust with his brother-in-law Rob and has loved the experience of building an organisation from scratch with a team of fantastic people.
Outside of the Trust, Darren is a singer and teacher. He has appeared in opera all around the world and has sung for such companies as the ROH, ENO, Wexford Festival and Teatro Comunale di Bologna. He is also a coach and therapist with a private practice in Brighton in the UK, specialising in self awareness, high performance and re-regulating the nervous system. He is the creator of many programmes designed to expand the potential of individuals and groups and works internationally as a facilitator and project leader in the fields of creativity, music and trauma, arts and community, social entrepreneurship and personal development. His passion is to reconnect people with themselves so they can live consciously creative, connected lives.
You can find out more about him at


Melanie Stoner - Champions Outreach Manager

Melanie has been heading the internal operations for the Starr Trust since it began. She enjoys being part of something which is constantly evolving and working to support others. Her role is to take the vision of the Starr Trust and put the processes and structures into place to help achieve them, managing the internal departments.
Prior to working at the Trust, Melanie was a Team Manager at BUPA International, which included auditing in Malta. Before that, she worked for Eagle Star Insurance Company in Brighton, Cheltenham, Newcastle and Liverpool, writing tests and processes for a claims handling system. Melanie has also worked for Headway, where she helped individuals settle into their surroundings after having suffered from a brain injury.
Melanie works part time for the Trust; she is also a singer with a close harmony girl group The Doo-Wop Dolls, a singing coach and part of an Abba Tribute band.


Tracey Narvaez - Events Manager

Tracey is Edward Starr’s daughter. Tracey says: “I began life with the Starr Trust after my Father died as a great way to keep his name alive whilst helping young people. During the nine years we have been operating, many things have changed including our look and mission statement. What has never changed is how we work and the personal way we do it. The team has grown since our early days but we all support each other wherever possible which makes it an extended family rather than just a job.”
As head of the events team, Tracey organises 6-8 internal events a year, with a target to raise an annual sum of £20,000. Tracey particularly enjoys building relationships with everybody we make contact with - a lot of whom become friends who support each other.


Rosie Molloy - Public Fundraising Manager

Rosie began working with the Starr Trust in April 2010. Her main role is to encourage people to take part in fundraising events such as parachute jumps, Marathons and other less adventurous experiences. 
Rosie says: “Day to day my job is varied and challenging, working with a small team of dedicated people all with the aim of helping young people achieve their potential.”


Trish Starr - Events Coordinator

Trish started working with the Starr Trust when it was formed in 2008 after the death of her husband Edward Starr. She works with daughter Tracey as an Events Coordinator, and also attends networking meetings, letting people know what we do and just how we try to help young people achieve their ambitions.
Trish says: “I really enjoy working in the Trust in all capacities, as we are growing from strength to strength, and being part of such a worthwhile cause helps keep Edward’s name alive, and helps so many young individuals.”


Alex Lawson - Finance Manager

After moving from Cornwall to Brighton and having a little girl, Alex started volunteering with the Starr Trust. She continues to have her own business in Cornwall - a bar/restaurant - which gives her the understanding and experience to be able to work out new systems and keep accurate records for the Trust.
Alex says: “I really enjoy my work with the Trust as I like making sure it all runs smoothly financially and being able to report on how much we have raised!”
Because of her experience starting her own business it’s important for Alex to be involved with an organisation which encourages young people to succeed and helps support their goals.


Nicole Carman – Press & PR Manager

Nicole trained at London University where she obtained a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and then went on to work for 9 years as Resources Manager at Channel 4 Television. She enjoys the challenges of her role as Press & PR Manager and loves helping to raise the profile of the Starr Trust.  Nicole says “working for a small local charity is just so rewarding and we all really pull together to champion and support local youngsters”. Nicole also works part time as a fine art photographer and her photos of Brighton and Hove can be found at


Anthony Bott - Technical Administration Manager

Anthony started volunteering for the Starr Trust in 2010, and has been a permanent member of the team since 2012. His role is primarily behind the scenes, providing maintenance of the infrastructure that allows the Trust to function efficiently. In addition, he is responsible for the processing of applications for Edward Starr Awards, and serves as a first point of contact for applicants.
Anthony’s background is in Astrophysics, and he is also an avid musician, having played drums with several groups in Brighton and Manchester.