Edward Starr

Edward Starr

The Starr Trust was founded in 2008 in memory of Edward Starr.

Edward Starr was an inspiration to everyone he met; someone who always had a smile and a kind word and someone who made you feel like you could accomplish anything.

The Starr Trust was set up as a way of carrying on the legacy he left behind, a legacy of inspiring people to be the best that they can be. In a world where fame seems to have become more important than accomplishment, the Starr Trust aspires to be the voice that says “just be the best that you can be”.

I was fortunate in my life to have had someone who had belief in my dreams, no matter how big or small they were, and I hope that the Starr Trust can be to others what Edward Starr was to me.

- Robert Starr, Chairman and Co-Founder