Champions’ Tuesday

We are very excited to share with you that two of our Champions are taking part in an amazing three week photography course being held courtesy of the Wembley to Soweto Foundation which will be based at Brighton’s stunning i360.

Watch this space for more details.

Help Our Supporter Who Is Running The London Marathon

Please sponsor our lovely supporter Ian Newbold at COGO Group Travel Specialists UK who is bravely running the London Marathon next week and raising money for the YHA Brighton and the fantastic work they do with underprivileged children.

Ian has been a brilliant supporter of ours, having done Spinning Events to raise money for us and donating totally fabulous auction prizes to our Summer and Winter Balls, such as trips to Disneyland Paris! He is a LEGEND!

Click here to sponsor Ian on VirginMoneyGiving.

Champions’ Tuesday: Champions Chat at Raystede Animal Sanctuary

Seven of our Champions had a fantastic trip to Raystede Animal Sanctuary on the 3rd April 2018. Raystede covers 43 acres and cares for over 2000 animals a year, rehoming over 1000 animals and providing sanctuary to even more.

The theme of the chat was how to take care of animals and in particular dogs, cats and horses.

The morning began with Cat Bray from the Sanctuary explaining what to look for in dogs’ behaviours that demonstrate how they are feeling. We then learnt how to introduce ourselves to a dog, before heading out to meet a new dog Tinker who had been recently received by the Sanctuary. The Champions’ were tasked with assessing how Tinker was feeling, which included looking for signs of stress and his appearance, and how he dealt with meeting other dogs.

The next task was to visit the cats, and match them with new owners based on their situations and environments.  The team did really well assessing which cats should go with which humans, and decided that some situations weren’t appropriate for cats.

After a lunch session being entertained by Goldie the amazing robot dog, we were taken to visit the horses. The herd mainly consists of older animals, however Raystede also look after horses and ponies with various health issues such as blindness. They are allowed to live as naturally as possible, having access to inside and out at all times. The Champions loved grooming the two horses, even cleaning out their hooves.

The session finished with a quiz about what we’d learnt. Our Champions loved the session, with one shouting “this is the best day!”.

Huge thanks to Cat Bray for the fantastically informative session and to Mark Phillips and Raystede for donating the session to us. Also we are extremely grateful as always to Claire Clements our Starr Trust Ambassador for volunteering her time. The last but not least thanks goes to the wonderful animals at Raystede! We hope we can come again soon! 

Thanks to our Easter Egg Hunt Volunteers

Many thanks to the volunteers at Brighton & Hove Rotary at the Easter Egg Hunt on good Friday for keeping smiling through a wet morning!

Our Champion Lee was the Easter Bunny, and the event was sponsored by Hall & Woodhouse and supported by Fairy Dust Events.

Champions’ Chats

We received some really positive feedback from our Champions who attended the Audition Chat held at E3 last month.

Next month our Champions will be going to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare on Tuesday April 3rd. 9 Champions are attending, plus Claire Clements and her daughter Amy who will be coming along to help. The theme for the day will be Responsibility.

Thanks to our Easter Egg Hunt Volunteers

Huge thanks to our Champion Lee and his family Keith and Mary; to our Ambassador Claire Clements and her daughter Amy and last but not least to Hellen Ward from Crunch Accounting and her friend. They will all be volunteering for us this Good Friday March 30th at the brilliant Easter Egg Hunt at Hangleton Manor.

This will be a really fun event so head over there on Friday and thanks to the lovely Brighton and Hove Rotary for raising money for us at their event.

Champions’ Tuesday: Sophie and Amira

Every Tuesday we highlight one or more of our young Champions with exciting news and updates. This week we are featuring Sophie and Amira.

Our young Champion Sophie recently took part in the Springboard Singing Competition in Brighton. She was very nervous but did really well. Her pianist and entry costs were sponsored with a donation from Brighton and Hove Rotary, which was very much appreciated.

Amira is getting ready for her week long leadership course in Guildford starting 1st April, which is being organised by Brighton and Hove Rotary who are also transporting her there and back. She is really looking forward to this opportunity.

Our Champions’ Chats
We have also received feedback from two of our Champions who attended the Audition Chat which they said was really good. Their next trip is to Raystede Animal Sanctuary on April 3rd. 9 Champions plus Claire Clements and her daughter Amy will be coming along to help for the morning and the theme will be Responsibility.

Last Chance for Earlybird Tickets

Don’t miss out! This week is your last chance to get early bird tickets for a table at our fabulous Midsummer Ball at the Hilton this June.

Our Annual Midsummer Ball will be on 23rd June at the Hilton Brighton Metropole - this year, the theme is “A Night of Nashville”.

Drinks reception: 6.30pm

Table of 10: £850 (earlybird offer before 31st March 2018)(£950 after 31st March)
Individual tickets: £95

To book or for more information, email

Champions’ Tuesday: Feedback from our Champions Nisar and Alicia

Every Tuesday we highlight one of our young Champions with exciting news and updates. This week we have feedback from two of our Champions - Nisar and Alicia.

Nisar and his family suffered terrible trauma at the hands of the Taliban in his home town in Afghanistan. He was finally granted permission to travel to the UK in 2016, and we were able to buy him a laptop and mobile phone.

Alicia is a talented tennis player who has represented her region competitively on many occasions and has lots of fantastic wins to her name. She was given an Edward Starr Award in December 2013 and the Trust is delighted to continue to support her.


Nisar gave his feedback on how the Starr Trust has helped him:

How has your Award made a difference so far?
The award has brought a huge change in my life, especially when it comes to education and sport.

Has having your award had any impact with your school/college or education?
It brought out confidence in me and made me believe in myself.

Has having your award had any impact with your family?
Whenever my dad found he was very happy and very proud of me because back then I didn’t have enough support for my education and for my sports, whereas now things have changed and this award has brought a huge impact towards my success and support.

What have been the main challenges for you over the last twelve months?
I wanted to get a positive and a successful result in my exam and this award lead me into that success and brought out the best potential in me.

What have been the highlights for you over the last twelve months?
Passing my exam and and winning the final in cricket, plus the award also boosted my skills in cricket and gave me the appropriate facilities which I feel very lucky for.

Has your confidence changed from having our support?
My confidence has definitely increased and it all made me believe in myself.

Are you happy with your relationship with the Starr Trust?
Yes I am very happy and very lucky to have this great relationship with the Starr Trust.

Do you need any other help from us at the moment?
Yes, I still need a balling machine for cricket which is very important because it would allow me to train myself even further and it would help me become a better player than I already am.

Do you have any suggestions on how we might support our Champions better?
I think the way you supported me is kind of enough because I really can’t ask for any better support since I am already very with the way you support me.


Alicia’s mum gave her feedback on how the Starr Trust has helped them:

Has the award had any impact with the Champion’s education?
Although there has been no direct impact on Alicia’s education it has definitely had an indirect benefit. By having the opportunity to continue training Alicia is happier, focused and disciplined - this means that she is happier and works hard at school in order to have time to train.

Has the award had any impact on the Champion’s family?
It has enabled us to continue to support Alicia’s sport and her dream of becoming a professional tennis player. To see her happy and motivated has had a really positive impact on our family.

Are you happy with your relationship with the Starr Trust?
Yes - everyone at the Starr Trust has always been very kind and helpful and we have always felt fully supported.

Do you have any suggestions on how we might support our Champions better?
I think you are doing a good job already and Alicia certainly feels supported.

Spinathon Weekend for Starr Trust and Sport Relief 17-18 March

Our Events team Tracey and Rosie spent last weekend at the David Lloyd Leisure Club at Brighton Marina, raising money and awareness for Sport Relief and our own Charity Bike Ride 11-15 July.  Some members of staff at David Lloyd have already signed up to do this popular event which will leave Bangor in North Wales heading back to Brighton over 4 days. This event is a fantastic collaboration between individuals and businesses in Sussex, all raising money for local young people.

The David Lloyd team kept a static bike going throughout the day on Saturday 17th and covered an incredible 100k whilst collecting money. Sunday 18th saw over 50 volunteers come down and take part in a 5 hour Spinathon run by our Ambassador the amazing Tony Wright (better known in Brighton as Mr T). With upbeat music and heaps of enthusiasm, everyone had a great time keeping fit and raising money for two great charities. The spin covered over 700 kilometres which is even more than the distance being cycled on our route this July. 

Nathan Gillingham, General Manager of David Lloyd Brighton said “this is our second year of supporting the Starr Trust’s Pier to Pier bike ride. It was great to see staff, members and non-members cycling for such a great cause. Our team members enjoyed the ride so much last year that they are signed up and raring to go for this year.

Visit our Events page or email for information on how to join the July Pier to Pier bike ride.

Our Young Champion Alicia on BBC Sussex 13th March 2018

Our young Champion Alicia, aged 14, was interviewed on BBC Radio Sussex about the important role the Starr Trust has played in helping her for the past 4 years by paying for her tennis training and coaching.

Nicole Carman our PR Manager was also on the show promoting our Spinathon and Bike Ride – explaining to listeners how important these fundraising events are, and how the money they raise help young people like Alicia to fulfil their potential.

Alicia is now 3rd in the Country in the Under 14s. You can listen to the Allison Ferns interview below:

Champion’s Tuesday - Meet Sophie

Every Tuesday we highlight one of our young Champions with exciting news and updates. This week meet our 14 year old Champion Sophie.

Sophie is a talented singer and in 2016 won a singing competition out of 200 competitors. She attends Theatre Workshop and wanted to continue her studies on the singer/songwriting course but her family were unable to afford it. We awarded Sophie the money to pay for 3 terms of singer-songwriting, private singing and keyboard sessions.

Sophie sang and competed at the Springboard Festival on Sunday March 4th, accompanied by Maria Dunn.

She sang songs from The Lighter Side Class - Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.

It was a large and very high standard class and we were delighted to learn that she gained a Merit. What a wonderful achievement for her first time!

Champions’ News

Meet Our New Champions

Aira aged 14 from Brighton
Aira has an amazing imagination and creativity. She attends the Self Managed Learning Centre in Brighton and is flourishing there. We awarded Aira to fund her 2018 school fees. Aira says: “This award is giving me an education that I attend and learn in. SMLCollege is such a unique opportunity that only a few can experience and I am glad to be apart of. So, thank you and that’s the truth.

Nathan aged 15 from Brighton
Nathan loves cricket, which really boosts his self esteem and he is currently working on his bowling skills. We awarded Nathan to partake in a project at Brighton and Hove Amex, to focus on Maths, English, and sports – including cricket, football, personal training and coaching experience. 

And we have re-awarded our current Champions:

Luana age 12 from Hove
Luana is a young carer and loves Streetfunk. We have been supporting Luana’s classes since 2017 and in January 2018 paid for a further three terms of classes.

Daisy aged 15 from Hove
Daisy loves musical theatre. She has suffered health problems and finds her classes at Bird Studios a release. We are paying for a further year of classes.

Macy aged 15 from Hove
Macy studies dance at Gielgud Academy. Unfortunately her family have incurred unforeseen financial difficulties due to illness. We paid for a further two terms of Macy’s dance tuition and exam fees.  Macy received a treat from the Brighton and Hove Rotary Club when she was taken to see the ballet at Brighton Dome in December 2017.

Bako aged 13 from Brighton
Bako loves basketball and attends sessions at Storm Club in Crawley several times a week. His family wouldn’t be able to afford the training sessions without our support. We are funding him to help further with club fees, camps, travel and new basketball shoes. Bako was recently asked to play for the under 16s National Premier team.

Vaughan aged 13 from Brighton
Vaughan is home schooled and enjoys meeting other children through dance, which helps give him a real sense of achievement. Dance helps him focus during lessons and plan his future. We supported Vaughan to have a further year of Streetfunk lessons, and to attend dance training camp.

Amira age 15 from Brighton
Amira is a talented musician. We paid for further flute lessons and for her to perform in her school’s musical tour of Germany. We are delighted also that after our nomination, Amira has also been selected by Brighton and Hove Rotary to take part in their Rotary Young Leaderships programme in Guildford in April 2018. The week long course, designed to develop the talents of those held back by lack of confidence, offers young people one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives by developing qualities of leadership, team working, initiative and problem solving at the start of their careers.

Nisar aged 18 from Brighton
Nisar travelled to the UK on his own from Afghanistan and is adjusting to life here. Nisar loves cricket and last year his cricket team won their tournament. His favourite subjects are IT and business and he would like to go to university. We awarded Nisar a gym membership, some cricket shoes and monthly payment for his mobile phone to help him socialise.

Stuart aged 18 from Brighton
Stuart enjoys being on the water and finds that it helps him communicate. He loves being on the water, watching others and learning how to do various sports at Lagoon Watersports in Hove. He loves photography too and his dream is to become a watersports photographer. We are funding Stuart for a further year at Hove Lagoon, a new surfboard and photography kit.

Alicia aged 14 from Hove
We have been supporting tennis player Alicia since she was 10 when we funded the costs of individual coaching, her group squad training and her fitness coaching. She competes all over the country, and is currently ranked 2nd in Great Britain in the under 14 age group! We are funding Alicia to support her ongoing tennis training.

Jessie-Jae age 14 from Brighton
We have supported Jessie-Jae who has had some difficulties at home since she was 10. Jessie-Jae loves dancing, singing and acting and we paid for her to continue her studies with Shana Goldman for a further year.

Nathan age 14 from Worthing
Nathan has always loved sport and over the years has tried a number of mainstream and disability sports. We funded 11 year old Nathan in 2015, to pay for a custom made racing wheelchair and he has gone from strength to strength ever since. He has been chosen to compete in the World Games 2018 for which we are funding him, as well as the National Championships. Nathan’s coach says: “The light from his torch shines brightly and those caught in its beam are enriched by it

Isabel from Brighton
The Starr Trust are delighted to be sponsoring Isabel to take part in the Theatre Royal Brighton’s Theatre Workshop. Isabel loves the theatre and would not have the opportunity to do the course without our support.

Legal & General choose the Starr Trust as their Chosen Charity for March

Huge thanks to Legal & General in Brighton for inviting us along on March 7th as their chosen charity for March.

Our fundraising team Tracey Narvaez and Rosie Molloy spent the day in their offices with the lovely Vikki Lester-Nown so that staff could hear all about the great work we do and stall holders there gave 10% of their sales.

A Heart Warming Story During the Big Freeze!

We are so excited to share the news that the students from Brighton College Prep School raised an incredible £8800 at their Christmas Fair. The money was split between ourselves and the organisation Extra Cover which helps young people in Sri Lanka. Extra Cover is supported by Father Robert Easton who is the chaplain at the college.

£4400 is a huge amount of money and will make a massive difference to us. It means we could champion a young person for a whole year and change their life dramatically. In the same way Extra Cover actually built a whole school and fed its pupils, who without their help wouldn’t get more than one meal a day.

The cheques were presented by Head Teacher Mr Weeks and two school pupils and it was lovely to be part of their World Book Day Assembly. We also learned that on such a cold snowy week the children were still giving by donating blankets and Rose and her mum spent four hours driving around the area keeping homeless people warm.

Father Easton, chaplain at Brighton College Prep, Rosie Molloy and Tracey Narvaez from the Starr Trust

Champion’s Tuesday - Meet Stuart

Every Tuesday we highlight one of our young Champions with exciting news and updates. This week meet our young 18 year old Champion Stuart.

Stuart enjoys being on the water and learning how to do various watersports. He also loves photography and would like to become a Watersports Photographer. He first became a Champion in 2017 when aged 17; we paid for him to have a year’s membership at Lagoon Watersports in Hove. He has since become competent at all the sports to a point where is now able to volunteer there, helping others to learn, which is fantastic.

In 2018, we awarded Stuart again for another year’s membership at Lagoon Watersports, a GoPro to continue his photography and a new surf board and a wetsuit. This young man has a bright future ahead of him!

Stuart also features in the Starr Trust video! Check it out here!


Congratulations to our Ambassador Tony

Our Ambassador Tony Wright became British Cycling Ride Leader (Level 2) over the weekend - congratulations Tony!

The qualification is for the delivery of guided bike rides on roads for groups of intermediate and advanced level adults, and covers challenge ride preparation, group riding etiquette, advanced communication, group management across longer distances and challenging terrain, decision making, route planning considerations and managing risks and emergencies in remote environments.

Champions Chat with McKenzie Associates

On the 13th February, seven Starr Trust Champions were invited to attend a workshop about auditioning for theatrical agents and colleges. The workshop, held at McKenzie Associates in Hove, was open to all our performing Champions, whose interests range from musical theatre to opera.

The session was hosted by McKenzie Associates’ Director Lukas Wojcik and their Agent Stuart Dawes - a West End performer who has been working in the industry since he was aged 7. The session included tips on getting your CV noticed, how to make showreels, how to choose material and photos for different audition situations and identifying the Champions’ unique selling points!

Our Champion’s Outreach Manager, Mel, says: “We are extremely grateful to Lukas and Stuart for giving up their time and for coming up with the idea of this workshop to help our young performers get a chance of stepping on the ladder of the entertainment industry. The knowledge they imparted was invaluable and the Champions learnt so much in one morning. The Champions left feeling inspired and motivated to include these tips in their plans to audition for colleges and theatrical agencies.

Read about it on McKenzie Associates’ website here.

14 Mile Marsden March for Cancer

Our lovely supporter Nicholas Taylor of Healys LLP is joining Right Said Fred on 4th March to raise funds for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity on the 14 mile Marsden March.

Any donations small or large make a huge difference.

Click here spread the word and make a donation.

How to Prepare for Auditions

Our next fantastic Champions Chats event is taking place on Tuesday 13th February at the offices of Mckenzie Associates, a highly respected Talent Management Agency in Hove.

6 of our young Champions will attend this workshop, all of whom are interested in a career in the Performing Arts.

Talent Agent Lukas Wojcik and West End performer Stuart Dawes will offer advice on how to make contact with an agency, signing a contract and what to expect from an agency. They will also offer guidance on writing CVs and getting Headshots done, how to prepare for an audition and the audition process, and how to cope if you don’t hear back! There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and to practice these skills.

Our Champions are incredibly excited to be given this opportunity and we are very grateful to Lukas, Stuart and Mckenzie Associates for kindly donating their time.


The Starr Trust Celebrates Children’s Mental Health Week

During Children’s Mental Health Week we are excited to share with you that our young Champion Luana has become a Mental Health Champion at her school and attended some out of school training.

We have also just awarded Luana funding to enable her to continue with her Streetfunk classes at Marina Studios for the next three terms.

She recently made a lovely video (below) about being a young carer for her brother who has autism.

Exciting opportunity for a Champion

We are excited to announce that to celebrate our 10th year, we have partnered with the British Exploring Society, to offer one of our Champions a fantastic opportunity to go on a three week expedition to Canada this July!

Applications are open to Champions aged between 16 and 24.

The Champion will:

  • Trek and climb through the forest, mountains, and valleys of the Yukon, one of the largest wildernesses in North America
  • Wild camp under the midnight sun and if you are lucky see the northern lights!
  • Learn about the geological history and biodiversity in the Yukon, as well as seeing the eerie remnants of the Klondike Gold Rush which have been reclaimed by nature.

The trip costs £3800, however, the Starr Trust will pay the first £3000, and the British Exploring Society will pay £200, which means that the Champion will need to fundraise the remaining £600, and be able to get to and from the training in April and the airport in July.

To apply, Champions are asked to tell us:

  • Why you should be considered for the opportunity
  • What you will gain from the experience
  • How you will share your story after the expedition

You can do this by writing an essay of no more than 500 words, making a video or song - whatever best explains why you want to go.

Please submit your application to by the 8th February 2018

Click the links below for more information:
Information Pack (PDF)
Fundraising Pack (PDF)

You don’t have much time to apply – we need your applications by the 8th February, so if this is for you GO FOR IT!

If you have any questions, please email

Good luck!


Exciting King Alfred News!

The £15 million Government funding came through last week, giving the King Alfred redevelopment the green light.

Read all about it here.

Exciting times ahead!

Click here for an editorial from The Argus, February 2018

Can you help us Champion an Olympic Champion?

We’d like to say Good Luck to our wonderful Patron and Olympic Medal winner Robin Cousins who is heading out to Korea on Feb 5th to commentate on the Ice Skating at the Winter Olympics. Talking of Olympics we thought we would share with you some sports news from our Champions.

The Starr Trust helps young people of Sussex be the best they can be, but some of our Champions are really aiming high and already on the road to bringing back Olympic Medals. With your help we can inspire many more young people so why not sign up to one of our brilliant sports events like the 4-day Bike Ride this July and really make a difference.

3 of our young Champions

Hannah took up kayaking after years of being bullied at school. We supported Hannah and her family and she has gone from strength to strength. Hannah has competed both nationally and internationally in Kayak and also competed with Team GB at the Rafting World Championships in Dubai, winning 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

Shaina loves kickboxing and age 14 qualified to enter the Unified World Championships being held in association with the WKA Association in Florida last October. We helped her to get there and were absolutely thrilled when she came home with the World Title!

Nathan is a wheelchair user and is really good at wheelchair racing but the costs became prohibitively expensive for his family to cover. We bought him a bespoke racing chair and
he has been selected to be part of this year’s Team England 2018 CPISRA World Games in Spain! He’s now following his dream of becoming a Paralympic champion.

Champion’s Mum Raises £258

Huge thanks go out to our Champion Zoë‘s mum Sarah-Jane! She held a raffle at her yoga retreat for us and raised a whopping £258! Brilliant!

Midsummer Ball Launch Party - January 23rd

What a brilliant Launch Party at the Hilton Brighton Metropole on Tuesday evening!

Huge thanks to all who came along and to Sascha Koehler and his wonderful Hilton team.

Get your early bird tickets now for our fantastic ‘Midsummer Ball: A Night of Nashville’ and check out all our other fantastic events coming up in this our 10th Birthday year!

Photos by Graham Franks.

Tonight’s The Night!

So excited about tonight’s Midsummer Ball Launch Party: A Night of Nashville, where you can find out who this year’s acts will be!

Come join the fun from 6.30pm at the Hilton Brighton Metropole.

New Year’s Resolutions!

Is getting fitter, losing weight, doing more exercise (or all 3!) something you’d like to achieve in 2018?

If it is then we have just the thing to get you motivated! This July you can join us for our brilliant 4-day Bike Ride, using your pedal power to raise money for young people in Sussex.

The ride leaves Bangor in North Wales, travelling through stunning Snowdonia to Shrewsbury, Stratford upon Avon and Box Hill, continuing back to Brighton’s West Pier. This will be a fantastic and challenging Bike Ride raising money for the Starr Trust.

Now in its third year, our annual Bike Ride is a great opportunity; not only to get fit and set yourself a challenge, but it’s also great fun! You’ll make new friends and enjoy cycling through some truly stunning locations.

Dates: 11th - 15th July 2018. Entrance fee £400 (includes insurance, food and accommodation).

For full T&Cs click here or email:

The route:

Thanks to Sussex Charity Foundation

We are delighted to share with you that we have been awarded £5000 from the Sussex Community Foundation. This is a brilliant start to the year and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

An Update on some of our Champions

Our Champion Luana has become a Mental Health Champion at school, for which she attended some out of school training. Luana is really enjoying her role!

Luana also recently made a super video about having a brother with autism:

Meanwhile, singers Sophie and Sophie are entering a singing class at Springboard Festival in 2018, supported by Brighton and Hove Rotary.



Champion Hannah Talks to Safety Rocks

Our Champion Hannah talks to Safety Rocks about being bullied at school, taking up Kayaking and becoming a Starr Trust Champion.

Read more here.


Starr Trust wins Greatest Contribution to Sussex Charity Award

November 30th 2017

We were absolutely thrilled and honoured to have won the Sussex Business Awards Greatest Contribution to Sussex Charity last week.

Rob Starr and his wife Sharon (pictured) attended the Award Ceremony at the Hilton Brighton Metropole and were delighted when the Starr Trust won this coveted Award.

Our Champion Ava Features In Gemini Print 2018 Calendar

Ava, our young photographer, was asked by our regular supporter Gemini Print to submit some photographs to feature in their 2018 calendar. They have chosen a lovely image of two cows and this will feature in the calendar. Well done to Ava!

Champions Update November 2017

Macy and her sister Kirsty spoke recently at the Brighton and Hove Rotary Club along with Rob Starr about how their donation of £500 had helped Macy attend another term of dance college.

Jasmine performed at Glyndebourne in their production of ‘Belongings’. Our Champions’ Manager Mel Stoner went along with two Champions, sisters Ayala and Sophie (pictured right), who were kindly given free tickets from Glyndebourne, along with Emma Red – who has offered to donate a piano to Jasmine to help her with her studies. It was a stunning opera, and Jasmine was fantastic.

Earlier this year, Jasmine received the prestigious Bill Weston Young Singers Award from Glyndebourne for showing exceptional promise, which resulted in her being granted £1000 to further her studies. 

Well done Jasmine!

Nisar was invited to the Houses of Parliament to speak about his journey as a refugee, travelling from Afghanistan. He also met with Juliet Stevenson, the well known British actress.
Nisar is also involved in the Hummingbird Project, who provide refugee aid and solidarity in the UK.



Winter Extravaganza raises £28,000!

Huge thanks to all for helping us raise the biggest amount of money from any event ever!

We kicked off the festive season early this year with a brilliant fundraising evening. Held at the Hilton Brighton Metropole on 18th November, the Regency Suite glittered and sparkled with the help of David Hill from E3 Entertainment.

Our ‘Winter Musical Extravaganza: A Night at the Movies’ featured live entertainment from the talented Starr Trust Singers and some hilarious compèring from Mark Yexley. The cast wore dazzling costumes and put on a fabulous show with musical medleys from the movies.

Guests were treated to a champagne reception followed by a delicious 3-course festive dinner and late night disco, and the evening ran like clockwork thanks to Sascha Koehler and his wonderful team at the Hilton.

Our Events Manager Tracey says “We are incredibly grateful to everyone that came and supported us. Our legendary Starr Trust Singers entertained 245 guests and the evening raised over £27,000 which is an incredible achievement. We couldn’t have managed this without our generous headline sponsor Drum Technologies, supported by Curation Corporation and Gemini Print. Local businesses also donated truly fantastic prizes which all helped raise money for the young people of Sussex. We can’t wait to see everyone again at our Winter Ball next year on November 17th.

Gemini Print Team
Nick Taylor with Stacey and Jonathon Bunn
John and Kerry from Drum
Jonathon Sothcott of Hereford Films with Janine Narissa and Nick Taylor
Michael Rogers and Lyndsey Brett of Design Interiors

Photos by Graham Franks Photography

Starr Trust Team wins Cardens Charity Quiz Night

November 9th 2017

Big congrats to our Fundraising Manager Trish Starr and her brilliant team for winning first prize at Cardens Accountants Charity Quiz Night at the County Cricket Ground, Hove.

The evening raised an incredible £4,022 and Cardens will kindly be sharing the money between ourselves and their other chosen charity RISE.

Huge thanks to Cardens for their generosity.

Read more in The Argus here.

Our Champion Nathan Selected For The CPISRA World Games

We are so excited and proud to announce that our young Champion Nathan has been selected for Team England for the 2018 CPISRA World Games in Spain!

He’s worked so hard and truly deserves this opportunity!

Huge congratulations to Nathan and his family from all of us at the Starr Trust.

The Starr Trust Celebrates Helping over 4000 Kids

Last Thursday we held our annual Celebration Night; our favourite event of the year where we celebrate the lives and achievements of the 4580 young people we’ve helped over the past 9 years, and thank all those businesses and individuals who have made it possible. Over 200 people came together at the Sussex County Cricket Ground, where supporters had the chance to meet the young people whose lives have been transformed by their generosity.

It was a truly wonderful evening. The Boundary Rooms at the Cricket Ground were buzzing and we were thrilled to see so many of our supporters there. Local businesses including the Hilton Brighton Metropole, The Implant Centre, Crunch Accounting, Gemini Print, Teleticket, E3 and Drum were only a few of the many who attended and we’re so grateful for their continued support.

During the evening many families spoke of how our Edward Starr Awards had turned their children’s lives around. One of our Champion’s mums Maya talked about the financial difficulties her family had faced and how since receiving an award to help with his basketball costs, her 13 year old son Bako is now thriving and was recently chosen to play for Storm Basketball Club, one of the largest and most successful basketball clubs in the South East of England.

Highlights of the evening included recitals from 2 of our talented young Champions; Jasmine is an opera singer awarded a grant to attend the Guildhall and Zoe is now flourishing at drama school and spoke of how much her confidence has grown since receiving her award. The audience also heard from a young stage manager Connor Lovejoy who received his award 6 years ago and went on to graduate from the Brit School and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

We would like to thank all the lovely businesses and other supporters who came along and made the evening one of the best so far. As we go forward into our 10th year, next year’s Celebration Night will be very special indeed.

Skybreak Celebrates its 25th Birthday

Skybreak celebrated 25 years in business last week with a fantastic birthday party at the beautiful i360 in Brighton. As the Starr Trust is the chosen charity of their sister company, Teleticket, we were invited to join them!

Teleticket will support us over the next twelve months with a range of team fundraising activities, auction prizes and Champion Day Trips within the South East of England.

It was a fabulous celebration as you will see from the photographs. There was even some birthday cake!


Winter Extravaganza Launch Party

Our fabulous Winter Extravaganza Launch party went off with a bang last Thursday evening, thanks to David Hill our event organiser at E3 Entertainment and our event sponsors at Hilton Brighton Metropole.

Guests were treated to delicious canapés and champagne and enjoyed a sneak preview of some of the Winter Ball ‘Night at the Movies’ songs, sung by the incredibly talented Starr Trust Singers.
We can’t wait to see them in full swing at the Hilton on November 18th. Go to our Events page for more details.

Guests in photos below included:
Julia Beard, Gemini Print Group
Simon Nicholson,
Matt Turner and James Turner, Creative Pod
David Elphick, Juice Brighton
JordanWebb, We are Echo
Starr Trust included:  Rob Starr, Tracey Starr, Trish Starr and Nicole Carman
Volunteers and Ambassadors included: Della Hart, Susan Starr and Tony Wright.

Brighton College School Children Raise over £340 for us!

We are delighted to share with you that the lovely young people of Brighton College kindly went down to Tesco on Church Road in Hove last week, helping customers to bag pack. They managed to collect an incredible £343!

We will be using this money to buy chocolates for 300 kids attending this year’s Xmas Panto with ABC Children’s Charity on December 21st.

Many thanks to Tesco’s Community Champion Tracey Colburn and everyone involved.

Our Champion Nathan in the Media

Our young Champion Nathan continues to get media attention for his incredible Diana Award for services to wheelchair racing. Click here to read the story in Brighton & Hove Independent.

Young Champion Nathan chats to Allison Ferns live on BBC Sussex – Monday 11 September

Our young Champion Nathan recently won a prestigious Diana Award for his services to wheelchair racing, and popped into the BBC Monday afternoon to appear live on the Allison Ferns show. He talked about his love of wheelchair racing, his fastest times, getting a bronze medal in London’s mini marathon and racing downhill in his chair at 25 miles an hour!

Photo (L-R): Nicole Carman, Starr Trust PR Manager; Nathan Freeman, Starr Trust Champion; Kim Freeman, Nathan’s mother; and Allison Ferns from the BBC.

Listen to this amazing young man who has already achieved so much at just 14 years old:

Check out Nathan’s website here.

Starr Water Wars Press Coverage

Check out this feature in The Argus on our multi sport event ‘Starr Water Wars’.

12 teams of local businesses battled it out at Hove Lagoon Watersports, going head to head in fun activities such as paddle boarding, kayak water polo, raft building and sailing. Back on dry land there was plenty to keep the kids entertained from crazy golf, pirate island paddle boarding and trampolines to face painting and hair braiding.

Read the online article here.

Teleticket nominates the Starr Trust as its Charity Partner!

Teleticket, the agent friendly flight consolidator has nominated us as their Corporate Charity Partner and we could not be more excited!

Michelle Wheatley, Customer Engagement Manager at Teleticket said:
“With our close proximity to Brighton, our team chose to support a local charity who really bring the best out in people. The work and support that Starr Trust provides for young people in the community is crucial to the development and implementation of their chosen sport”.

Our Chairman Rob Starr also commented:
“Support from local business is vital to enable us to continue looking after our existing Champions and to help us fund new Champions to be the very best that they can be.  We were absolutely thrilled to be informed by Teleticket that they have chosen the Starr Trust as their charity partner and I know that together we will be able to help so many more children in the city”.

Teleticket will support us over the next twelve months with a range of team fundraising activities, auction prizes and Champion Day Trips within the South East of England.

Teleticket offers flights with no surprises for the agents’ customers. There are no added extras, no check-in charges and no luggage charges. ATOL bonded and licensed with the CAA, Teleticket has been supplying flights to the travel trade for almost two decades.

Champions Updates September 2017

Our Champion Mia is busy fundraising this Autumn, even after she underwent a recent hip operation.
Having recently taken part in the first UK Disability Pride event held in Brighton on 9th July, and having watched her Daddy recently abseil off Peacehaven Cliffs for the Martlets Hospice, Mia is returning to her own fund raising activities.
On the 3rd September she is taking part in the big Parallel London event at the Olympic stadium where she is (for the second year) entering the 1km Sensory event, this year raising money for Rett UK, the national organisation supporting her condition.
On 23rd September she is taking part in her first 5km Colour run. Mia will be using that as an opportunity to raise the final amount to pay for the additional speech equipment to accompany the Eye Gaze equipment that we recently funded.
On 30th September, she will be doing her 3rd annual Altzheimer’s Society, 5km Memory walk in memory of her step Grandad Tony Gallup. She’s even managed to rope in another 8 people to join her!
She hopes to take part in the annual Santa Dash in December.

Our Champion singer Daisy from Brighton played Eponine from Les Miserables in the recent production by Bird Studios at the Old Market in Brighton.

Champion singer and actress Iona played Audrey in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at Lewes Old Grammar school, directed by the brilliant Rachel Munro in the Music Department.

Our young farmer Lee has gained a place on the two year Agriculture course - Level 1 - one day a week.

Champion dancer Jessie-Jae features in the new video for ‘Pumping the Beats Out’ by Choc ft. Mc Buzz:

Champion’s Chats
Six Champions had a fantastic time at Neil Laughton’s house, chatting about self belief. You can read more here. Mel is currently working on future chats at Gatwick, Raystede Animal Sanctuary, Isle of Wight and Hisbe.

Meet some of our Champions:


Starr Water Wars raises in excess of £4000 – Sunday Sep 3rd

Last Sunday we held our ever popular Family Fun Day at Hove Lagoon and managed to raise an incredible £4000 with money continuing to come in.

Our multi sport event ‘Starr Water Wars’ saw 12 teams of local businesses battle it out at Hove Lagoon Watersports. The teams of 4 went head to head in fun activities such as paddle boarding, kayak water polo, raft building and sailing. Back on dry land there was plenty to keep the kids entertained from crazy golf, pirate island paddle boarding and trampolines to face painting and hair braiding.

Our very own local DJ Guy Lloyd of Juice FM Brighton was the host with the most and brought with him a fantastic party atmosphere and presented the coveted First Prize to Jury’s Inn Waterfront Hotel, with Sheridan Coopers and Team Webb in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

Families and friends from all over Sussex came along to support the teams and delicious refreshments were provided by Lagoon Watersports with meat for the BBQ from Steyning Butchers.

Our Events Manager Rosie said “The day couldn’t have gone any better with so many teams getting involved and Guy Lloyd helping to create a fantastic party atmosphere. We are so grateful to all the businesses that took part and also to our event sponsors, Beales of Worthing, Airsprung and Drum Technologies Brighton for their support. In excess of £4000 was raised which will help local youngsters achieve their goals in Art, Sport and Education”.

Huge thanks go out to:

Our Event Sponsors:
Beales of Worthing
Drum Technologies Brighton

All the Teams that took part:
West Dogs (Westbeach Properties and The Little Doggy Daycare)
Hilton Brighton Metropole
Beales of Worthing
Seico Insurance
Crunch Accounting
Jury’s Inn Waterfront Hotel
Bluetone Communications
Sheridan Coopers
Team Webb
Premier Marina (Brighton Marina)

Special Thanks go out to:
Steyning Butchers for proving all the bbq meat for free
Rachel Langridge from Santander George Street who ran the raffle with other volunteers and price matched.
Hove Lagoon Watersports for running the event and the BBQ.
Sainsbury’s on Western Road for providing all the bread rolls.
Marina Dance Studio who provided some fantastic entertainment with 45 of their young dancers.
ABC Marquees who donated the marquee on the day.
Gemini Print who printed the programmes
Hove Lagoon Pirates for the Mini Golf
Last but not least a big thanks to Guy Lloyd from Juice FM Brighton for being our lovely compère for the day and entertaining all the supporters with music and for calling the raffle.

Congratulations to the winning team: Jury’s Inn Waterfront Hotel, followed in second place by Sheridan Coopers and third place by Team Webb.
Front row-1st Jurys Inn
2nd Sheridan Coopers
3rd Team Webb

Sussex Butcher of the Year – Please help!

Please vote for the lovely Steyning Butchers who so kindly provided us with all the meat for our BBQ at Starr Water Wars last Sunday.

Go to the ‘Sussex Butcher of the Year’ Category and find Steyning Butchers. Thanks all!!

1Up Brighton

Are you aged 14-19?
Into music, gaming, the environment, sport or art?

1Up Brighton is a one-off, free event to help young people discover how to get more out of life in Brighton & Hove.

-Take part in interactive music workshops
-Explore Brighton in minecraft using virtual reality
-Try pop up pottery
& lots more!

August 17th, 2017
The Basement, Brighton

Don’t miss out, get your free ticket: click here.

We look forward to seeing our Champions there!

Our Champion Nathan Wins A Diana Award

Champion Nathan recently received a Diana Award for his services to wheelchair racing. The Diana Award was set up in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, and her belief that young people have the power to change the world for the better. Nathan was one of 750 young people in the UK and around the world to receive one. The award is committed to fostering, inspiring and developing positive change in the lives of young people through practical social action. Today The Diana Award has the support of both her sons The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

All the award winners – who come from every region in the UK and USA, Canada, UAE, India, Belize, Australia, Greece, Indonesia, Croatia, Jersey, New Zealand, and Liberia –  have had a monumental impact on society and lives of those in their communities. Many of them only know Princess Diana as a historical figure but they carry the honour of the Diana Award with pride and admiration for whose memory it was set up in.

Well done Nathan – we are really proud of you!

See Nathan in our latest video:

Thanks to Richard Patching

Richard Patching has been busy swimming and fundraising for us and has managed to raise around £1000 for us!

He swam with some members of the Brighton Swim Club (BSC) last month which included our very own Rob Starr. He swam from the West Pier to the Palace Pier, around both, which was 1.8km exactly. He told us that he was swimming for his grandfather Donald Patching who was a BSC member and a great swimmer, and also for Maisy who is learning to swim at the King Alfred. Richard told us his swim went well and he is now himself a member of the BSC.

A brilliant achievement! Huge thanks to Richard for fundraising for us.



Our Supporter John takes on the Challenge of a Lifetime

August 2017

Please help our lovely loyal supporter, John Pattison, who is taking on the challenge of a lifetime! His aim is to complete two Ironman triathlons on the same weekend in Vichy, France this month. In John’s own words “quite a challenge for a 62 year old grandfather!

After some injuries John has been bravely training since October 2016 between long periods of work away from home and will be fundraising for St. Catherine’s Hospice in Crawley. He really needs our support; please donate here.

King Alfred Bike Ride

Congratulations to all our bikers!

The King Alfred Bike Ride raised over £11,000 and counting!

Between 12th and 16th July 2017, our bikers cycled through the beautiful King Alfred countryside of Somerset, Hampshire and Sussex taking in Glastonbury, Cheddar Gorge, Bristol, King Alfred Tower at Bruton, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Winchester Cathedral and Petersfield.

Click here to make a donation

You can continue to donate until September.


Brilliant Show ‘All or Nothing’ raises over £1000!

Huge thanks to the production team and audience of the brilliant show ‘All or Nothing’ and to our amazing volunteers for raising over £1000 for us! Thank you!

Champions’ Chat – ‘Believe in Yourself!’  with Neil Laughton

18th July 2017

Six of our Champions had a fun packed few hours this week, when they attended our latest Champions’ Chat.

The chat, which was all about self belief, was held at the amazing home of Neil Laughton. Neil is a former Royal Marine Commando and Special Forces Officer turned entrepreneur. He founded a group of companies in the design, construction and office furniture industries which grew to £40m turnover and was then sold to a FTSE 100 company in 2011. His awards include the Ness Award for “inspirational leadership” from the Royal Geographical Society and clients include B&Q, Virgin Atlantic and BP.

Neil and his family welcomed the Champions, and the next half an hour was dedicated to fun – with the Champions playing air hockey, table tennis and meeting many different animals. The Champions were then given a spin in Neil’s Sky Car – the first road legal bio-fuelled flying car. This was a highlight for the Champions and the alpacas watched on as our Champions span around the grounds. It was certainly exhilarating.

The group then sat down and were set the task of thinking about what was most important to them, what they were good at and one thing they wanted to achieve one day. The Champions all contributed with their thoughts and aspirations. Amongst the things most important to them were family, music and education and their goals included using IT to help others, visiting Japan and making music.

Neil told the group a bit about his personal journey – he had been told by a headmaster at school that he wouldn’t pass a single exam, but through hard work, determination and self belief he proved the headmaster wrong. He did pass his exams, and has gone on to have the most fantastic experiences.

Neil also has a passion for adventure and he has led numerous expeditions across 7 Continents – by land, sea and air. He summited Mount Everest with Bear Grylls, circumnavigated the UK on a jet ski and piloted a flying car across the Sahara Desert.

Later in the day, Neil went on to show the group his memory shelf, which displayed items he’d collected - including a piece of rock from the top of Mount Everest, sand from the Sahara Desert and air from the South Pole.

The Champions discussed how they should give things a go so they wouldn’t regret not having tried and that if they worked hard, and believed in themselves they had every chance of achieving their dreams. They concluded that whilst it was good to have a back-up plan, they should not lose sight of their dreams, and that life is about moments and memories.

For the final part of the event, Neil split the Champions into two groups and set them a challenge – to cross the swimming pool to the other side, using only the materials they could find, and without getting wet. The teams managed to get across – and no-one fell in!

After a huge thank you to Neil and his family for a wonderful time, (and the chance for one lucky Champion to drive the Sky Car – which he’d stated was one of his goals) the Champions left feeling inspired and there was a lot of discussion on the journey home about their experience.

The Starr Trust would like to say a HUGE thanks to Neil, Oscar, Scarlett and Amber for their generosity in giving the Champions a day to remember and for inspiring them. As one Champion said “when can we do that again? It was AWESOME!

Neil told us “It was an absolute pleasure to have the Starr Trust Champions at Laughton & Co HQ where we ensured they had fun, discussed some important issues and they were set the difficult challenge of building half a raft and collaborating with others to ensure safe passage across the swimming pool. They performed far better than most corporate teams that have attempted this team building exercise!

Midsummer Ball In The Argus

Read about the success of the Midsummer Ball, which featured the Starr Trust as one of its chosen charities, in The Argus - click here to read the article.

Hooray for Hove and Portslade

Hove Business Association teamed up with Hove Museum and Art Gallery and The Starr Trust to put on one of its biggest events on Wednesday 5th July.

It is called Hooray for Hove and Portslade and the gallery hosted 140 guests, including Mo Marsh, mayor of Brighton and Hove.

Strawberries and fresh cream, courtesy of the Blatchington Road Co-op, and pimms and fizz donated by Matthew Clark were available. There was live entertainment from local duo Melissa and Reece.

Brighton Yoga Foundation were on site to help guests relax after a hard day at work.

Many thanks to Rob Reaks of the Hove Business Association for choosing us as their charity of choice.


Midsummer Ball Raises £100,000

We were delighted to have been chosen as one of 4 charities at the Hilton Brighton Metropole’s annual Midsummer Ball on June 24th. The theme this year was ‘A Night at the Musicals’ and our Chairman Rob Starr alongside Patron Robin Cousins wowed the audience of almost 450 guests with their memorable performance from Hairspray.

The evening has raised an incredible £100,000! The Hilton’s own charity arm, the DM Foundation for Young People will share the proceeds between The Starr Trust, and other local charities Chailey Heritage Foundation, Chestnut Tree House and Action Medical Research, who all work to improve the lives and prospects of children and young people living in Sussex.

The event sponsor was Skerritts and the evening kicked off with bubbles and canapes in the gallery overlooking the stunning ballroom and stage below, which totally dazzled thanks to PSAV, E3 and Gemini Print. Guests were then led downstairs where they were treated to a truly impressive 3-course dinner where the Hilton staff really pulled out all the stops. There was plenty of fabulous entertainment from all the participating charities, with games and dancing and even some fantastic bumper cars provided by Carden Accountants.

Our Events Manager Tracey said “we are totally thrilled with how much money was raised and so thankful to Sascha Koehler and his staff at the Hilton who never fail to deliver and impress. We would be honoured and thrilled if there’s a chance to be involved again next year”.

Launch of the Big Screen – June 27th

We are very excited to announce that we have been chosen as Charity of Choice by The Big Screen Brighton 2017. We were invited to the Skyline Bar at the Brighton Centre for the launch party on June 27th.

Rob Starr spoke on behalf of the Starr Trust and thanked Bill Murray at Murray Media for supporting us through the Big Screen.

Other businesses supporting the Big Screen are:

IBIS hotel
Camden Beer
British Street Food

An Update On Some Of Our Champions

Some words from runner Stephen:
“Since injury it has taken a few months to get confidence and fitness back, but through training sessions and speaking to people I am slowly moving forward positively. I have competed on three occasions this year.

First race was the Sussex Road Relays at Christ Hospital where I was really pleased with my performance, finishing third overall fastest behind two great runners Charlie Grice and Spencer Thomas. A few weeks later I competed in the first British Athletics League Competition in Crawley K2 arena, where the race was tactical so my finishing time was not great. However came away with a victory pulling away 600m to go with last fast 400m.

On Wednesday 31st May I competed at the Brighton Phoenix Open BMC, where I competed in the 3000m and came away with another victory. Since I am not fully fit yet and not where I would like to be, I was disappointed with my time.”

Congratulations to Jessie-Jae for her theatre school performance on Saturday 3rd June.
The show, which featured students of Goldman’s Theatre School in Brighton, Hove and Eastbourne was held at Roedean Theatre.

Mel and Alex from the Starr Trust went along to support her. Mel says: “It was great to see Jessie-Jae on stage – we loved the colourful tap number and Jessie-Jae’s singing in ‘A Million Reasons’ was beautiful. From the beam on Jessie’s face, she was clearly having a wonderful time doing what she loves most”.

Some words from photographer Ava:

“Hi all, just a quick update on my photography project and grant from the Starr Trust.

The money from the Starr Trust has enabled me to get all that I need to progress with my Gold Photography Arts project – to buy photography, video and audio software, to buy a new camera and to pay for meetings with my mentors – Lindsey Smith and Sarah Pain. They have guided me through the Arts Award structure and to complete the assignments.

Recently, I have made leaps and bounds with my Award.

First, I have made my short film; ‘In the Nightmare’. I have posted it up on YouTube and Facebook so that I can hear people’s thoughts on it. The comments on the film had all been positive and in some, people have told me about what they fear. 

After that, I wrote an essay on the roles of woman in horror films and whether their involvement had improved or not. I concluded that the roles of woman in the modern era have been getting better thanks to more women becoming involved in horror and writing and directing films.

For the second part of my award, I am currently planning an event where artwork about people’s fears (both understandable and ‘silly’) are discussed and showcased. The event will feature opportunities to talk with audiences about their fears and/or display photos, films, songs, poems and other art forms about their fears and how they view them.

This event will be the climax of all my work. I’m hoping for the event to occur in July or August. I’m hoping to invite the artists that I know and even send an invitation to other young artists who have won awards from the Starr Trust to attend and possibly display work if they would like.

I feel that my project is going according to plan. I’ve received positive feedback for my photography from the Varndean photography course leader who has recommended me for A level photography - a key aim of applying for an award from the Starr Trust in the first place was to enable me to move on to level 3 photography at Varndean.

Thank you so much to the Starr Trust for their generous award – it has helped me so much!”

Hooray For Hove And Portslade

Summer. Think of Strawberries. Pimms. Garden parties. Warm summer evenings. Laughter. Hove Business Association brings you ‘Hooray for Hove and Portslade’
Join HBA for the first Hove Museum garden party in a very, very long time. Enjoy the beautiful gardens - with fresh English strawberries and cream, refreshing Pimms, live singers and the opportunity to meet your new Mayor – Cllr Mo Marsh.

This exclusive and unique Summer Garden Party at Hove Museum and Art Gallery - hosted by Hove Business Association – is a relaxed and informal drinks reception for people who work or do business in Hove and Portslade.

Brighton Yoga Foundation will be on site to help you relax and unwind after a hard day at work.

Supporting the Starr Trust.

Prize raffle on sale - bring some cash!

Hove Museum Gardens

Wednesday 5th July 4.30pm – 7.30pm

Tickets £15 (+booking fee). Click here to book.

Tickets £15 per person (+bkg fee). Due to limited capacity please book early to avoid disappointment. If it rains, the event will be held inside the museum.

Click here to book your tickets.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are passionate about inspiring others to help our Champions. They have a personal connection with the Starr Trust, which has affected them. Our honorary Ambassadors are our representatives, who help us build community connections. We are extremely grateful for the huge impact their contributions make to the Starr Trust.

Claire Clements

I am incredibly honoured to be asked to become an ambassador for the Starr Trust, the Trust has touched the lives of my family in such an enormously beneficial and supportive way, helping to positively change the direction of my daughter’s life.
As a family we owe the Trust a huge debt of gratitude and we have endeavoured to help the Trust in any way possible - becoming an ambassador will allow me to further support the trust to help other young people and continue their amazing work.

Tony Wright

I am humbled and honoured to be recognised for the work I do as Ambassador in the community for Starr Trust.
I have known the Starr family for a number of years. Through my involvement in sport I have held fundraising events to raise funds and the profile of the charity.
What made me get more involved was the fact that I felt an empathy to the young people benefitting and it really struck a chord with me. As a young child I was bullied as I had dyslexia which in those days wasn’t diagnosed early on and became overweight. This then caused me to have low self esteem and no self confidence. By giving back through my time and hopefully inspiring others to follow I feel that I am helping the local young community to have a chance that was not there for me.

Young Chefs Cook up a Storm

Photo from left: 3 Northbrook college student chefs, Abigail Illes, Russell Williams of Bailiffscourt Hotel, Robert Whittington (chef winner), and Richard Hopton of Hilton Brighton Metropole

This June young up-and-coming chefs from Northbrook College went head to head in a ‘MasterChef’ style evening, cooking up some exquisite food for 80 guests whilst raising an incredible £2184 for us.

Assisted by their college tutors and mentored by Russell Williams of Bailiffscourt Hotel, the two trainee chefs, Abigail Illes and Robert Whittington, created some culinary magic with a 6-course menu where diners voted on the winning dishes. Russell told us “this year the students were even more enthusiastic as they are from families with catering backgrounds. Both menus were creative and inspired and where possible they used seasonal produce. Robert won by the smallest of margins but both chefs and teams did incredibly well and worked really hard”.

Diners enjoyed a glass of champagne upon arrival in the lovely Arundel restaurant on campus and went on to critique delicious dishes that included a port marinated foie gras ballontine with caramelised pear puree, truffled french beans and red onion focaccia.

The winning chef Robert is currently working at Bailiffscourt as well as attending college. He told us “Cooking for the Starrs was a brilliant evening. It was really exciting to write my own menu and to organise my team who worked with me. For anyone thinking about college, it’s really worth working at the same time as doing your course, so you can get some practical experience”. Head of Department at Northbrook, Peter Whiffen, added “this event provides a great experience and allows our students to hopefully move on and gain employment in a competitive world and we love being able to support local charities”.

Tracey Narvaez, our Events Manager, said “this sold out event is now in its third year and we’re so grateful to Russell for his time and expertise, to the hard working college tutors who put in extra hours to run this event and to Sascha Koehler and Brighton Hilton Metropole for their continued sponsorship.  Not only do they help financially, they also provide the students with anything practical they may need in order to showcase their food. The event is a real collaboration and even local suppliers donated food and drink. We couldn’t be more thrilled”.

Here’s a lovely message we received from one of our diners on the night:
Thank you very much indeed for organising such a fabulous evening last night. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Your hard work certainly paid off.

We thought the students did an excellent job. Every student we spoke to was obviously passionate about food, and it was reflected in the excellent plates of food they produced. It is a shame that there could only be one winner. The final scores reflected this.

Many thanks to all the students, the support they were given, by the administrators, the chef from Bailiffs Court, and the Hilton Metropole, and to all those behind the scenes. Great team work.

Photos by Jim Browning

Huge thanks go out to the suppliers listed below who have all kindly donated to this event:

200 Years Since The First Organised Bike Ride

In 1817, the first verifiable bicycle was born and this week is the 200th anniversary of the first organised bike ride.

Why not celebrate this by signing up to our amazing 4-day King Alfred Bike Ride, cycling through gorgeous countryside from Somerset back to Sussex!

Get a Pack here or get more details here.

We need your sponsorship to help us win!

Please sponsor our CEO Rob Starr and our Patron Robin Cousins who will be dressing up and performing songs from Hairspray at our ‘Night at the Musicals’ Midsummer Ball on June 24th at Hilton Brighton Metropole - it will be epic!

Click here to go to their Everyday Hero Page.

As ever, your support is much appreciated!

To book, contact or call 01273 775432 and please remember to choose us as your favoured charity.

One Great Day

On Saturday June 3rd we were invited by Debbie Rathbone (of New River Retail in the Martlets Shopping Centre in Burgess Hill) to do a collection and promote the Starr Trust alongside other businesses, on behalf of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. The event was called ‘One Great Day’ and took place outside the Montague Centre in Worthing.

We managed to raise an amazing £109 and would like to thank Debbie Rathbone, Trish Starr, Della Hart and Susan Starr and all who came along and supported us.

A Champion Performance

Congratulations to our Champion Jessie-Jae for her theatre school performance on Saturday 3rd June.

The show, which featured students of Goldman’s Theatre School in Brighton, Hove and Eastbourne was held at Roedean Theatre.

Mel and Alex from the Starr Trust went along to support her. Mel says: “It was great to see Jessie-Jae on stage – we loved the colourful tap number and Jessie-Jae’s singing in ‘A Million Reasons’ was beautiful. From the beam on Jessie’s face, she was clearly having a wonderful time doing what she loves most”.

Warm Up Bike Ride

For all those joining us for our King Alfred Bike Ride, this week’s warmup rides will be:

  • Thursday at midday at the Peace Statue for a 2 hour ride.
  • Saturday at 9.30am at the sea side of the King Alfred for a longer ride.

See you there!

An Update On Some Of Our Champions

Tennis player Alicia has been extremely busy over the past few months. She spent a couple of weeks in Nottingham, firstly competing in a Tennis Europe event where she lost in the quarter finals to a Polish girl. The second week she played her first Junior ITF tournament - these are 18U age group so it’s a big step up and also gives her the opportunity to get a world ranking! She did really well and won her qualifying rounds to get into the main draw which is a great achievement, unfortunately she lost first round of the main draw to the eventual winner (who was ranked around 340 in the world) - but this has given her a great benchmark to aim for.

Shortly after her return she was selected to represent Sussex in the 14U Girls County Cup team - they travelled to Carlisle over the Bank Holiday weekend and won their group. This weekend the Sussex Team is back in Nottingham playing in the National County Cup Finals - we’ve all got our fingers crossed for them!

Alicia has been invited back to the National Tennis Centre in Roehampton for a 4 day National Training Camp - an extremely tough few days but a great experience to live and train alongside many of the professional players.

Alicia will also be interviewed at Brighton’s Big Screen this summer.

Runner Stephen is currently managing his time between a job, studies and training. To help him out with this, our Trustee Rich Bates has offered to conduct some one to one Time Management training with him.

Nathan, our wheelchair racer, is doing really well this season so far. His biggest achievement has been to compete in his first London Mini Marathon where he came 3rd, completing the 3 mile course in 20:23 - his first British Athletics medal!

Cricketer Nisar is settling into life in Brighton. He has joined Karbelzalmi cricket team, following his shopping trip to buy cricket equipment, and has passed the aural part of his English exam. He is currently looking to get some funding for his weekly cricket tournament.

May 11th - Win Some Fantastic Prizes!

If you’re on either Facebook or Twitter, share our post or re-tweet about the Bike Ride on today’s page and you could win these fabulous prizes!

3 Brighton Palace Pier wristbands for unlimited rides on any day you choose.
Two-week Trial Membership for 2 to use all the facilities at the prestigious David Lloyd Centres.

Get sharing and we will do the prize draw next Thursday 16th May.

Meet the Mayor and Learn About Our Bike Ride!

Come along today and support us at Brighton Palace Pier from 1-4pm and meet our lovely Mayor of Brighton & Hove who will be there at 1pm. Our Ambassador Tony Wright will be promoting our 12-16 July Bike Ride on his static bike where you can cycle the route of our King Alfred to King Alfred Bike Ride through beautiful Somerset, Hampshire and Sussex countryside and help raise money for local young people.

Click here to learn more about our Bike Ride
Click here to download your Bike Ride Entry Pack

An Update on our Champion Nisar

Big thanks to Jack at Nick Rivett Sport in Hove who helped our Champion Nisar choose his cricket equipment and gave us a great deal! Nisar was kitted out with a new cricket bat, shin pads, shoes, helmet and gloves, and is thrilled! We look forward to hearing how Nisar gets on in his tournament!

Bike Ride Meeting

Bikers! Please note, our meeting on 2nd April has unfortunately been cancelled, but we will be holding a bike ride meeting on Saturday 22nd April. There will be a bike ride starting at the King Alfred Leisure Centre at 9.30am, and the meeting will take place at 11.

If you or someone you know is interested in coming to the meeting to hear all about this brilliant 4-day cycling trip please email

Secure Your Place For Starr Water Wars 2017!

Twelve teams of four battle it out to become the champions!

Secure your place in this fun, exhilarating charity event with action packed activities. Be prepared to get wet!

£300 per team - Corporate Package

Hove Lagoon Watersports
Kingsway, Hove, BN3 4LX

For more information email or call 01273 715882.

Sponsored by:
Drum Instant Web Meetings
Beales Department Stores
Airsprung Beds

Seaford Head Golf Club Donate £1445

Huge thanks go out to the lovely team at Seaford Head Golf Club who selected us as their Charity of Choice and managed to raise an amazing £1,445 for us. As ever we are so very grateful for all their support.

Our Fundraising Team went out to collect the cheque and met with Adele Wakefield, Ladies’ Captain 2017 (left of photo); Ian Norris, Club Captain 2016; and Shelagh Miller, Ladies’ Captain 2016.


Starr Trust Champions’ Workshops

At the Starr Trust we are always looking for new ways to best support our Champions, old and new, and we’ve come up with an exciting programme of workshops for them. March 23rd saw the launch, and based on suggestions from the Champions themselves, we kicked off with ‘teambuilding’, hosted by our guest speaker Claire Clements. 

Claire told us: “When the Starr Trust asked if I could run a team building session for their champions, I jumped at the chance. My daughter is a Champion having received funding after a difficult time at school so I like to give back whenever I can. These sessions offer young people the chance to get to know others in a similar situation as themselves which is so important. It was wonderful to watch them working together to accomplish the tasks. I had one of the most enjoyable afternoons, with a group of incredible young adults”.

The Champions were split into teams and had to work together during two games: the first involved building a tall tower from spaghetti and marshmallows, and the second, decorating cakes whilst blindfolded! We wanted these events to help our Champions feel a part of the Starr Family, to get to know each other better, share experiences and learn new skills. The afternoon was a huge success and our Champions made friends, swapped numbers and helped each other out. Going forward we will be looking to cover other subjects such as mental coaching and building self-confidence.

The feedback afterwards from the Champions was really positive and they were all excited about the next meet up. Jessie Jae, aged 14, told us “it was great coming along to the Starr Trust’s recent Champions event. I had a great time and met new friends, who helped build my confidence and it was also really great fun. The activities were also enjoyable to do and even better to eat! It was really nice to catch up with a champion I met a few years back. I feel like part of a family when I meet other champions. I hope the Trust does more events for us kids as it was great fun”.

This Mother’s Day the Starr Trust Celebrates the Lives of Three Amazing Mums!

All mums are amazing! – we know that – but as Mothering Sunday fast approaches we would like to give a very special shout out to 3 mums in particular:

  • Claire Clements
  • Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson
  • Kim Freeman

Claire is mum to one of our champions Hannah. She helped her daughter overcome an incredibly tough time at school. She reached out to us and supported Hannah with a new passion - kayaking and rafting. Since taking up these sports Hannah has turned her life around, so much so that she came back from Dubai recently with 5 medals for Team GB! Claire is now a Volunteer with us and her continued support (and cakes!) are legendary.

Kim is another amazing mum whose son Nathan was born with cerebral palsy and who approached us for help with paying for a racing wheelchair for him. Kim managed to get Nathan into a brilliant school and we even heard his dulcet tones on BBC Radio Sussex recently. He absolutely loves chair racing and says it makes him feel like he is running. His dream is to take part in the Paralympics.

These two mums met at our annual ‘Celebration Night’ last year and as a result, Claire reached out to her friend, a third amazing mum – Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson, Crossbench Life Peer in the House of Lords and Paralympian.

Tanni has amassed a remarkable medal haul over 16 years with five Paralympic Games of 11 gold medals, 4 silver and a bronze and continues to be involved in sport; she is a Board Member of the London Marathon, the Sportsaid Foundation, Transport for London, and many more.

Claire arranged for Nathan to meet Tanni and her husband Ian to give him some inspirational training on his wheelchair racing. The meeting was a huge success for everyone.

Tanni told us “It’s lovely to meet a young man who has so much drive and enthusiasm for the sport, and so willing to listen to advice. He obviously spends a lot of time watching wheelchair racing on the internet which is a great way to learn about who is in the sport and how they compete. I really hope that he continues to enjoy the sport and I can’t wait to see him compete this season”.

Kim shared this with us “We’re really grateful to Claire, Hannah and The Starr Trust for making the meeting happen. Nathan learnt so much from Tanni and her husband Ian, not just about the technical elements of wheelchair racing, but also practical tips and encouragement. We were really grateful for the amount of time Tanni & Ian spent with us and Nath left feeling really inspired to train harder and work on the elements they had advised”.

Happy Mother’s Day to brilliant mums everywhere making great things happen!


An Update on our Champion Alicia

In February half term our Champion Alicia headed to the 16U National Tennis Event where she won her way through two qualifying matches into the main draw. Her performance earned her a place back at Roehampton in March, this time for the 16U National Winter Tour Finals.

A few days later she travelled to Southampton to play for Sussex in the 18U Girls County Cup event. At 13, she was the youngest member of the team and won all her singles and doubles matches which was a great achievement. Overall Sussex won their group, beating Derbyshire, Dorset and Norfolk so they have now gained promotion to the higher division next year which is a great result. Alicia still has 4 more years where she’s eligible to play for the team so hopefully they can build on their success next year.

Immediately after her County Cup, she left for Sutton to play in her first Ladies Open Aegon British Tour Event. She played some fantastic tennis and won both her qualifying matches to earn a place in main draw. This is an amazing achievement. Although she lost her main draw match she competed well which gave her plenty of confidence to compete at a higher level.

Finally earlier this month Alicia was back in Roehampton in the 16U Winter National Tour Finals where she played some great tennis and reached the quarter finals. She then lost but to a much older and more experienced girl.

Her mum told us “We are very proud of all her hard work and her current ranking is an incredible 17th in Great Britain within the 14U Girls age group which is a great achievement”.

King Alfred to King Alfred Bike Ride - July 2017

Brilliant news cyclists! We now have a free place on our King Alfred to King Alfred Bike Ride for someone worth £380 - all they need to do is raise at least £500 sponsorship.
We also have a FREE BIKE for someone! All they need to do is raise £500 sponsorship and they get to keep the bike! Yay!


Our meeting on 2nd April has unfortunately been cancelled, but we will be holding a bike ride meeting on Saturday 22nd April - more details to follow. If you or someone you know is interested in coming to the meeting to hear all about this brilliant 4-day cycling trip please email

Golf Day Raises £3370 to help local young people

We are delighted with the success of our sixth annual Golf Day, held on March 15th at the prestigious Singing Hills Golf Course in Albourne and which raised an incredible £3370 to help local young people.

Ten teams of golfers from local businesses came together to enjoy a well-earned day out and a great chance to network. The sun shone all day and with temperatures reaching a balmy 17 degrees, golfers were seen peeling off their clothes as they made their way around the stunning 18-hole course.

The day was organised by local Hove hairdresser Kevin of DNK Hair and the main sponsors, Beales of Worthing and Airsprung, helped to make the day a huge success with awards being given out, bids made on fantastic auction prizes and a delicious carvery dinner to finish off.

The winning team was Pavilion Plumbing with Nick Collins of Bluetone Communications winning individual 1st prize and Shane Brown of the Lighthouse Group winning ‘Nearest the Pin’.

Tracey from the Trust said “as ever we are incredibly grateful for everyone’s support and delighted at how much we managed to raise. Even those businesses that were unable to play helped us by sponsoring a hole, so some great publicity for all concerned”.

Click here to see photos from the day

Farm Fridays for our Champion Lee

Our Champion Lee has been working with FarmBuddies who arrange social care farming programmes across the South East.

Lee is a pupil at the Cedar Centre in Brighton and his school has been very pleased with the results of his Friday trips to the farm. They told the publication Amaze; “Lee has improved his team work, time management, social skills and career focus, the plan now for 2017 is very encouraging.

Read the full story published in Amaze below:

Coffee Morning Raises £300

Huge thanks go out to Nicky from Glamlife for hosting our Coffee Morning on Saturday where we raised an amazing £300!

Nicky was showcasing a new Spring Italian Collection of womenswear that she sells from her home in Brighton. If you’d like to make an appointment to see these lovely clothes or book a party, just go to her Glamlife website.

Big thanks also go out to Harleigh and Lynsey. Harleigh gave make-up sessions using some gorgeous Arbonne products courtesy of Lynsey, an Independent Consultant from Arbonne. If you want to book Harleigh for a private make-up session or book a make-up party then call her on 07535 090673.

Finally a massive thanks to Claire Clements for baking some amazing cakes!

Exciting Prizes To be Won At Our Golf Day

Golfers! Have a look at some of the fabulous prizes we have for our forthcoming Golf Day on March 15th:

Be James Bond for a day! Follow in the footsteps of 007 Sean Connery in Goldfinger and win a day of golf for 4 at the prestigious Stoke Park.

Huge thanks to Simon Kay from Just Lets for his generous donation.

Stunning Fortnum & Mason Hamper with everything you would want for a really posh picnic!

Huge thanks to Matt Hollywood of Mishon Mackay for his generous donation.

Brighton and Hove Albion Shirt signed by all the Brighton players.
Huge thanks to Simon Kay from Just Lets for his generous donation.

King Alfred to King Alfred Bike Ride

Check out these gorgeous locations that you will enjoy if you sign up to our King Alfred to King Alfred Bike Ride.

The ride will take place between 12th and 16th July 2017 and travel through the beautiful King Alfred countryside of Somerset, Hampshire and Sussex taking in Glastonbury, Cheddar Gorge, Bristol, King Alfred Tower at Bruton, Salisbury, Stonehenge, Winchester Cathedral and Petersfield.

Entrance fee £380 includes insurance, food and accommodation plus minimum sponsorship of £250 per person.
Raise £1000 sponsorship and we will give you back half your costs!
Be amazing and raise £2000 and we will refund all your costs!

If you would like to find out more about this amazing opportunity or to book your place, call Rosie on 01273 715882 or email

Be James Bond For A Day!

Sign up to our Golf Day on March 15th at Singing Hills Golf Course and you could follow in the footsteps of 007 Sean Connery in Goldfinger and win a day of golf for 4 at the prestigious Stoke Park.

Encircling the club’s 300 acre Buckinghamshire parkland estate, the famous 27 hole Championship golf course is undisputedly one of the finest parkland courses in the country. Created in 1908 by eminent golf architect Harry Colt, the Stoke Park course has been the inspiration for many of the world’s most famous holes, including Augusta’s infamous 16th.
Huge thanks to Simon from for donating this amazing auction prize.

Bridget Jones Diary was also filmed at Stoke Park in 2001. This beautiful golf course surrounds a stunning lake so golfers need to ensure they don’t drop their balls in the water.

Crunch Accounting Raise £250 at Battle Of The Bands

Congratulations to the lovely people at Crunch Accounting for winning 2nd Place in Coffin Mew’s “When Bands Collide” Battle of the Bands and raising £250 for us!

Coffin Mew Solicitors’ Brighton office hosted When Bands Collide at The Haunt on 9 February. Compered by local legend Guy Lloyd of Juice 107.2 and Britain’s Got Talent fame, When Bands Collide gave Brighton’s finest corporate talent a chance to raise the roof!

Thank you Crunch!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our lovely supporters!

If you’re stuck for ideas for that someone special why not buy them a ticket to one of our wonderful events? We have two fabulous evenings for you foodies this June; a wonderful ‘Cooking for the Starrs’ and a superb show-stopping Midsummer Ball.

There are loads more fun events to choose from here and all the money raised will help young people living in the BN postcode.

Brave Cyclist Raising Money For The Starr Trust

Ian Newbold of COGO Travel is raising money for us!

He is very bravely undertaking the ‘Tour of Sufferlandria’ which is a virtual cycling tour with Ian being wired up on the bike in front of a screen on a turbo trainer covering various routes across the world for 9 consecutive days, individuals will also be taking part across the world at the same time and the downloaded stats give their current race position etc.

Ian told us “the lactic acid in the legs is building after 5 days of this. To complete the tour I will be expected to ride at race pace (20mph plus for me!) through differing terrains/resistance levels for the following times below.

To keep myself going I decided to set up a JustGiving page in aid of our nominated charity within COGO Brighton (as opposed to the organiser’s US charity) – The Starr Trust.

Please, please consider a donation, however small, to drive me onto the finish line as I have 2 mammoth finish days this weekend which I am absolutely dreading. This is what I am undertaking”.

February Timetable
Sat 4th – 55min
Sun 5th – 1hr 50min
Mon 6th – 50min
Tues 7th – 55min
Wed 8th – 55min
Thurs 9th – 60min
Fri 10th – 75min
Sat 11th – 2hrs 20min
Sun 12th – 2hrs 30min

Thanks in advance for considering a donation.

So no rest days for Ian with 9 consecutive days of racing! Thank you so much for your support.

Brilliant Launch Party for Midsummer Ball

8th February 2017

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us at last nights Hilton Brighton Metropole Midsummer Ball launch party. We can’t wait to see you all again on 24th June for the BIG night!

To get tickets please email or call 01273 775432 and please remember to choose us as your favoured charity.

Thanks to photographer Graham Franks.

January’s 200 Club Winners

The Starr Trust 200 Club is a monthly lottery for those aged 16 and over, who want the chance to win up to £300 each month.

The winning number this month was 11, winning £63.00.
The runner up was 32, winning £31.50.
The draw took place on 9th February 2017 and there were 42 entries.

Congratulations to the winners!

To find out more, or to join our lottery, click here

An Update on our Champion Daisy

After playing the role of Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical the Musical at the end of last term at Bird, Champion Daisy was selected for Nathan Potter’s troupe of twelve young ladies who are planning performances in and around Brighton.

Her school musical this year is ‘Footloose’ and she will be playing Ethel McCormack. She also continues to play clarinet in the school big band.

Daisy’s mum Tracy says; “Being a Starr Trust Champion has enabled her to keep up her training. Performing is her life so thank you and your colleagues for the opportunity.

Quiz Night 2017 Raises Over £1700

Over 100 people joined us at our annual Quiz Night last Friday 27th January, including our very own Brighton & Hove Mayor, Cllr Peter West. This popular event, which has gone from strength to strength raised over £1700 plus prize donations.

Huge thanks go out to all who came along to this fabulous mind blowing event and special thanks to our wonderful host for the night, Kevin.

We are also, as ever, extremely grateful to our lovely volunteers and to the local businesses who donated prizes and sundries that helped make it the success it was.


An Update On Our Champion Alicia - January 2017

Update January 2017

Our Champion Alicia went to Bolton on January 12th to compete in the Nike International Junior Tournament which is a really prestigious junior event.

We were delighted to learn that she did really well. She won her two qualifying matches convincingly and then had a great win against a French girl in the main draw. Her winning streak was halted by a girl from the USA who was touring as part of the US National Team - however Alicia played a really strong game against her and showed everyone that she is capable of competing at that level.

The tournament was a truly international affair and Björn Borg was in attendance to watch his son Leo, who is the same age as Alicia and was also competing in the tournament. As you can see Borg was kind enough to pose in a photo with Alicia.

In a few weeks Alicia will be competing in the 14U National Tour Finals, which is the end of season event against other top girls from the UK. Life is very busy and exciting for Alicia at the moment and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Starr Trust supporters raise a massive £1488 for us last month!

December 2016 saw our supporters pull out all the stops for us and we would like to send them all a special thank you.

Theatre Workshop raised £390

Swiss Garden Primary School raised £150

Gemini Print through Calendars raised £160

Beales and Northbrook College raised £140 from collection boxes

Martin Starr’s memorial raised £310

Hollingbury Tennis Club raised £338

An Update on our Champion Stephen

Our Champion Stephen and his family travelled to India this Christmas to train with Dan Lawson for a month. Dan is a British ultra runner and charity worker from Brighton who also does charity work in India for OSCAR India, a non-profit organisation that, through football, instils the value of education and empowers underprivileged children and youth with life skills to take responsibility of their community development. He holds the course record for the Grand Union Canal Race and in 2016, he won the European 24 Hour Championships.

Before Stephen started his month’s training with Dan, he and sister Becca visited the Oscar Foundation to deliver football equipment that they were donating to the young people there and run a football session with them. Stephen’s father told us: “Ashok, the charity’s founder laid on a banquet and then took us round the slum area where the charity originated from and showed us all the amazing things they do with so little resources (lump to our throats). We eventually arrived at a park where they held one of their football sessions and were invited to coach the children. All in all it was a fabulous experience”.

Stephen has been attending yoga classes in South Goa four times a week which have helped with his hamstrings so he has been able to train and race while there, and went on to win the sunset run in Goa while breaking the course record.

An Update On Our Champion Nathan

One of our champion’s mums, Claire Clements, is friends with the amazing Paralympic athlete Baroness ‘Tanni’ Grey-Thompson and kindly arranged for Nathan to meet with her.

Tanni Grey-Thompson, born with spina bifida, is one of Britain’s greatest Paralympic athletes and has amassed a remarkable medal haul over 16 years and five Paralympic Games of 11 gold medals, 4 silver and a bronze and continues to be involved in sport and physical activity as Board Member of the London Marathon, the Sportsaid Foundation, Transport for London, and many more and won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Last month 14 year old Nathan met up with life peer Tanni who gave him some inspirational training on his wheelchair racing. Tanni told us “It’s lovely to meet a young man who has so much drive and enthusiasm for the sport, and so willing to listen to advice. He obviously spends a lot of time watching wheelchair racing on the internet which is a great way to learn about who is in the sport and how they compete. I really hope that he continues to enjoy the sport and I can’t wait to see him compete this season”.

Nathan’s mum Kim, who has totally supported and encouraged Nathan to wheelchair race, is really excited by this new friendship. She told us “We’re really grateful to Claire, Hannah and The Starr Trust for making the meeting happen. Nath learnt so much from Tanni and her husband Ian, not just about the technical elements of wheelchair racing, but also practical tips and encouragement. We were really grateful for the amount of time Tanni & Ian spent with us and Nath left feeling really inspired to train harder and work on the elements they had advised”.

Gemini Print Raise over £160 for the Starr Trust

Thank you to Gemini Print Group for raising an amazing £160.63 for us through their calendar sales. As ever, very much appreciated.

Gemini are the official print sponsor of the Artists Open House festival for the third year running and recently ran a competition where all artists were invited to submit seasonal images for inclusion in the calendar. All the proceeds from calendar sales went to the Starr Trust and we are incredibly grateful for their continued support.

Carolers Raise £150 for the Starr Trust

On Saturday December 10th, students from Northbrook College Music Department entertained shoppers at Montague Place (behind Beales) in Worthing with Christmas carols, raising £150 for the Starr Trust.

Our fabulous Starr Trust Champions and parents volunteered to run the event with Claire Clements leading the way. Beales, one of our business supporters, gave free coffee to everybody who donated to the Starr Trust.

Clarins Christmas Party raises over £650

Many thanks to Steph at Debenhams Clarins, Churchill Square for hosting a Clarins Party for our supporters on 8 December.

This pre-Christmas get-together included a glass of bubbles, lots of fun and the chance to choose from the best of Clarins; much-loved skin care favourites, festive make-up collections or luxurious body treats.

The event raised over £650 to help BN young people.

Crunch Accounting Name the Starr Trust as their Charity Of Choice for When Bands Collide

Crunch Accounting have named the Starr Trust as their Charity Of Choice for the upcoming When Bands Collide, a battle of the bands for local businesses.

Coffin Mew Solicitors’ Brighton office will be hosting When Bands Collide at The Haunt on 9 February 2017. Compered by local legend Guy Lloyd of Juice 107.2 and Britain’s Got Talent fame, When Bands Collide will give Brighton’s finest corporate talent a chance to raise the roof this February.

Taking to the stage will be Keepon Rockin, the house band of chartered accountants and financial advisers Kreston Reeves; The Ricardo Work Band representing its namesake, global engineering consultancy Ricardo; and G59ers showcasing the talents of renewable energy consultancy, OST Energy. They will be joined by award winning accountants, Crunch Accounting, who have named the Starr Trust as their Charity Of Choice, as well as Coffin Mew’s own band, Clover.

Each band will perform in the hope of winning a prize for the charity of its choice – as well as staffroom glory and endless bragging rights.

Buy tickets here.