Swoove for the Starrs!

The Starr Trust will be one of 40 charities benefitting from THE BIG SWOOVE event later this month.  It’s a great chance for businesses to help local charities whilst having some fun.

Here is all the info so please sign up.

Challenge your team to do three hours (or more) of Swoove FOR CHARITY and make a difference locally, as well as building team spirit.

How? By taking part in our 40-hour Swoove marathon, the Big Swoove, taking place from 7pm on Friday 27th September until 2pm on Sunday 29th September.

Your team can join in at any stage of the marathon – even the middle of the night! And you can whet their competitive appetites by challenging them to do as long as they can and raise as much money as possible for local charities. Our aim is to raise £40,000 across the whole of the marathon, so your support and participation would be hugely valued.

Hospital radio station Mid Downs Radio is just one of the 40 charities we are supporting as part of the Big Swoove. They are getting a team together to take part at the event, challenging themselves as well as others to raise as many funds as possible. Could your business do the same?

Swoove Fitness founder and creative director Esther Featherstone says: “Swoove Aid has already raised £64,000 for local charities up and down the country. Another amazing £40,000 would boost the awareness, profile and funds of a further 40 local, small charities, many of which don’t have huge fund-raising manpower and can slip under the radar. 
Those taking part are encouraged to challenge themselves and Swoove for at least 3 hours across the marathon…  or any length of time – even 40 hours if they feel they can do it.

The entry charge to the event is £25, with participants allowed to Swoove for as long as they like.

To enter and download a sponsorship form, please go to swooveaid.com and register your interest.

40 hours, 40 charities, £40k target!

For more information and details on the charities supported, contact:

Esther Featherstone
www.swoovefitness.com or
Email: info@swoovefitness.com or
Facebook: SwooveFitness

For PR information and photo opportunities, contact:
Ellie Woollven
Email: Ellie.Woollven@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/swoovewithellie


What is Swoove?
Swoove (Sing, Whoop, Move) is a singalong dance-based exercise class created by Esther Featherstone. The franchise concept now boasts instructors across the region, with classes ranging from Haywards Heath to Eastbourne… and even one in Australia!

Why charity?
Esther Featherstone is passionate about raising funds for local charities and, via Swoove Aid, has already raised £60,000 since Swoove was created. Her mission for this event, is to take that total to over £100,000, raising £1,000 each for 40 local charities , many of which can remain overlooked by the bigger national organisations, but all of which do vital work in the community. All Swoove instructors are encouraged to raise funds for charity in at least one event during the year.

Where can I find Swoove classes?
A full list of classes, plus other details on Swoove are available on the Swoovefitness.com website. Classes cost just £5/hour or £2.50 for under-15s.
There are concepts to suit all ages and levels of fitness, with the mantra being that you take it at your own pace.

Do I need to train for The Big Swoove?
As Swoove is designed for all ages and levels of fitness, most people would be able to do an hour’s class comfortably.
However, we do suggest that you build up your fitness towards the event, so that you can enjoy it, challenge yourself to do as long as you can and raise as much money as possible for the charities involved… and one of the best ways to do that? Come to a few Swoove classes!
If you are already very fit, the challenge is to see how long you can do – either in one hit, or across the time available.