Starr Trust Champions’ Workshops

At the Starr Trust we are always looking for new ways to best support our Champions, old and new, and we’ve come up with an exciting programme of workshops for them. March 23rd saw the launch, and based on suggestions from the Champions themselves, we kicked off with ‘teambuilding’, hosted by our guest speaker Claire Clements. 

Claire told us: “When the Starr Trust asked if I could run a team building session for their champions, I jumped at the chance. My daughter is a Champion having received funding after a difficult time at school so I like to give back whenever I can. These sessions offer young people the chance to get to know others in a similar situation as themselves which is so important. It was wonderful to watch them working together to accomplish the tasks. I had one of the most enjoyable afternoons, with a group of incredible young adults”.

The Champions were split into teams and had to work together during two games: the first involved building a tall tower from spaghetti and marshmallows, and the second, decorating cakes whilst blindfolded! We wanted these events to help our Champions feel a part of the Starr Family, to get to know each other better, share experiences and learn new skills. The afternoon was a huge success and our Champions made friends, swapped numbers and helped each other out. Going forward we will be looking to cover other subjects such as mental coaching and building self-confidence.

The feedback afterwards from the Champions was really positive and they were all excited about the next meet up. Jessie Jae, aged 14, told us “it was great coming along to the Starr Trust’s recent Champions event. I had a great time and met new friends, who helped build my confidence and it was also really great fun. The activities were also enjoyable to do and even better to eat! It was really nice to catch up with a champion I met a few years back. I feel like part of a family when I meet other champions. I hope the Trust does more events for us kids as it was great fun”.

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