Champions’ Tuesday - Starr Trust teams up with Brighton and Hove Rotary

We have been working closely with Brighton and Hove Rotary Soiree helping three of our Champions fulfil their potential.

At the end of last year we received £500 from the Rotary towards our Champion Macy’s ballet lessons and took her to a trip to the ballet at Brighton Dome In December 2017. Amira, aged 15 from Brighton, won an award to take part in the Rotary’s week long leadership programme in Guildford in April. The Rotary supported Amira throughout this experience, including taking her to and from the course.

In February, Champion Sophie was sponsored by the Rotary to take part in the Springboard music festival.

This May, at their Youth Festival weekend on the Barge at the Marina, the Rotary awarded a further £500 to help one of our Champions Hannah. Hannah’s mother Claire and our Champions Outreach Manager Mel went along to the festival to receive the cheque. Our 20 year old Champion Hannah will use the money to go towards the costs of her 6 week expedition to the Amazon arranged by the British Exploring Society who work with relatively small groups of young people to deliver transformational youth development in the wilderness. Hannah is currently teaching outdoor watersports in Wales and wants to expand her skills on dry land.

Ann Dieckmann from the Rotary told us “Rotary is committed to helping young people make the most of their lives and we want to empower youth here in Brighton as well as those less fortunate in developing countries too.  Rotary has a long history of helping young people through educational scholarships, competitions and Rotaract as well as supporting community initiatives that help children and young people.

Mel from the Starr Trust said “We are delighted that the Rotary has been so involved with the work we do and given our Champions such great opportunities. We are extremely grateful that they have chosen to support us.  To say thank you we had a wonderful team of our volunteers, Champions and their families volunteering at the Rotary’s Easter Egg Hunt, and look forward to collaborating with them more!.

Images: Mel and Claire recieving Hannah’s cheque (above), Amira speaking at the Rotary (below, L), Lee as the Easter Bunny at the Easter Egg Hunt (below, R)