Champion’s Tuesday – A great start to 2019!

At our first funding meeting of 2019 we were thrilled to be able to give out almost £30,000 in awards, to help young people in and around Sussex. Here are some of our new Champions in 2019.

13 Year old Lewis from Lancing is an extremely talented basketball player who has had a hard time over the last few years and his award will pay for him to attend the Barcelona Camp with Sussex Bears, as well as training, equipment and league fees for the year. Read his story here.

15 year old Spike from Southwick finds golf a place where he can forget about struggles and focus on his passion. He regularly volunteers in youth coaching clubs at West Hove golf course and has achieved incredibly well in his age category in a short period of time. His award pays for new golfing equipment which is required at high level events and in his professional learning environment. Read his story here.

15 year old Kevin from Brighton has a passion for playing football and an opportunity arose for him to be part of a team playing in the Gothia Youth World Cup in Gothenburg and his award will pay for him to attend. This is a great opportunity for Kevin to have a week away to switch off from some of his pressures and take part in something he loves. Read his story here.

15 year old Rocky from Brighton is a talented footballer who dreams of getting a place on the Albion in the Community BTec course from September 2019. He finds that studying with the Self Managed Learning College gives him the best chance of succeeding in his plans, and is motivating him to achieve his dreams. His award will fund two terms at the Self Managed Learning College. Read his story here.

We were also able to accept some of our current Champion’s re-applications. These included:

We have awarded Nathan to cover costs towards training camps, junior championships, travel, entry fees and classification clinic.

We have awarded Alex to pay for her final year of study at the Self Managed Learning Centre.

We have awarded Alicia to cover the costs of training for a further year.

We have funded Daisy to help pay for further singing tuition.

We have awarded Nisar to pay for another year of cricket tournaments, equipment and gym membership to help him achieve his goal of becoming a professional cricketer. Nisar is also to be mentored by Ian Poysden, a local businessman and father of Ashes cricketer Joshua Poysden.