Champions’ Tuesday

Our 4th Champions’ Chats saw ten of our Champions embark on an amazing day out to the Isle of Wight on Sunday June 10th.

They travelled to Hovertravel in Southsea on a beautiful and sunny day. They boarded the craft and then enjoyed the 10 minute flight across to the Isle of Wight. At Ryde they were welcomed by one of Hovertravel’s pilots, Jock Darrick, who’d formerly been in the Navy for 21 years. He explained how the craft worked, and then took everyone around the craft to get a close look - the craft is even capable of travelling on ice. The Champions loved the flight, for most it was their first time on a hovercraft and to the Isle of Wight. Jock gave each of the Champions an inflatable hovercraft to take home with them. Even the one Champion who was scared of water enjoyed the trip It was glorious gliding across the Havant and the staff could not have been nicer.

The group then took a short walk to Ryde Superbowl where they were greeted by their host Lucy who was waiting in a room especially prepared. The group then split into three teams, played a game of bowls, and then had lunch in their very own party room. After a quick photo everyone headed back to the Hovercraft and back home.

The Champions had a brilliant day - and one of the mums who came along said it was a day she’d never forget. After a full day of chatter, laughter and fun, the group returned back to Brighton for a rest!

Huge thanks go to Dave Crawforth at Teleticket for organising and sponsoring the Hovercraft and tour, and to Gareth at 1823 group for sponsoring the rest of the day. We are extremely grateful to you!