Champions’ News

Meet Our New Champions

Aira aged 14 from Brighton
Aira has an amazing imagination and creativity. She attends the Self Managed Learning Centre in Brighton and is flourishing there. We awarded Aira to fund her 2018 school fees. Aira says: “This award is giving me an education that I attend and learn in. SMLCollege is such a unique opportunity that only a few can experience and I am glad to be apart of. So, thank you and that’s the truth.

Nathan aged 15 from Brighton
Nathan loves cricket, which really boosts his self esteem and he is currently working on his bowling skills. We awarded Nathan to partake in a project at Brighton and Hove Amex, to focus on Maths, English, and sports – including cricket, football, personal training and coaching experience. 

And we have re-awarded our current Champions:

Luana age 12 from Hove
Luana is a young carer and loves Streetfunk. We have been supporting Luana’s classes since 2017 and in January 2018 paid for a further three terms of classes.

Daisy aged 15 from Hove
Daisy loves musical theatre. She has suffered health problems and finds her classes at Bird Studios a release. We are paying for a further year of classes.

Macy aged 15 from Hove
Macy studies dance at Gielgud Academy. Unfortunately her family have incurred unforeseen financial difficulties due to illness. We paid for a further two terms of Macy’s dance tuition and exam fees.  Macy received a treat from the Brighton and Hove Rotary Club when she was taken to see the ballet at Brighton Dome in December 2017.

Bako aged 13 from Brighton
Bako loves basketball and attends sessions at Storm Club in Crawley several times a week. His family wouldn’t be able to afford the training sessions without our support. We are funding him to help further with club fees, camps, travel and new basketball shoes. Bako was recently asked to play for the under 16s National Premier team.

Vaughan aged 13 from Brighton
Vaughan is home schooled and enjoys meeting other children through dance, which helps give him a real sense of achievement. Dance helps him focus during lessons and plan his future. We supported Vaughan to have a further year of Streetfunk lessons, and to attend dance training camp.

Amira age 15 from Brighton
Amira is a talented musician. We paid for further flute lessons and for her to perform in her school’s musical tour of Germany. We are delighted also that after our nomination, Amira has also been selected by Brighton and Hove Rotary to take part in their Rotary Young Leaderships programme in Guildford in April 2018. The week long course, designed to develop the talents of those held back by lack of confidence, offers young people one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives by developing qualities of leadership, team working, initiative and problem solving at the start of their careers.

Nisar aged 18 from Brighton
Nisar travelled to the UK on his own from Afghanistan and is adjusting to life here. Nisar loves cricket and last year his cricket team won their tournament. His favourite subjects are IT and business and he would like to go to university. We awarded Nisar a gym membership, some cricket shoes and monthly payment for his mobile phone to help him socialise.

Stuart aged 18 from Brighton
Stuart enjoys being on the water and finds that it helps him communicate. He loves being on the water, watching others and learning how to do various sports at Lagoon Watersports in Hove. He loves photography too and his dream is to become a watersports photographer. We are funding Stuart for a further year at Hove Lagoon, a new surfboard and photography kit.

Alicia aged 14 from Hove
We have been supporting tennis player Alicia since she was 10 when we funded the costs of individual coaching, her group squad training and her fitness coaching. She competes all over the country, and is currently ranked 2nd in Great Britain in the under 14 age group! We are funding Alicia to support her ongoing tennis training.

Jessie-Jae age 14 from Brighton
We have supported Jessie-Jae who has had some difficulties at home since she was 10. Jessie-Jae loves dancing, singing and acting and we paid for her to continue her studies with Shana Goldman for a further year.

Nathan age 14 from Worthing
Nathan has always loved sport and over the years has tried a number of mainstream and disability sports. We funded 11 year old Nathan in 2015, to pay for a custom made racing wheelchair and he has gone from strength to strength ever since. He has been chosen to compete in the World Games 2018 for which we are funding him, as well as the National Championships. Nathan’s coach says: “The light from his torch shines brightly and those caught in its beam are enriched by it

Isabel from Brighton
The Starr Trust are delighted to be sponsoring Isabel to take part in the Theatre Royal Brighton’s Theatre Workshop. Isabel loves the theatre and would not have the opportunity to do the course without our support.