Champions Chat with McKenzie Associates

On the 13th February, seven Starr Trust Champions were invited to attend a workshop about auditioning for theatrical agents and colleges. The workshop, held at McKenzie Associates in Hove, was open to all our performing Champions, whose interests range from musical theatre to opera.

The session was hosted by McKenzie Associates’ Director Lukas Wojcik and their Agent Stuart Dawes - a West End performer who has been working in the industry since he was aged 7. The session included tips on getting your CV noticed, how to make showreels, how to choose material and photos for different audition situations and identifying the Champions’ unique selling points!

Our Champion’s Outreach Manager, Mel, says: “We are extremely grateful to Lukas and Stuart for giving up their time and for coming up with the idea of this workshop to help our young performers get a chance of stepping on the ladder of the entertainment industry. The knowledge they imparted was invaluable and the Champions learnt so much in one morning. The Champions left feeling inspired and motivated to include these tips in their plans to audition for colleges and theatrical agencies.

Read about it on McKenzie Associates’ website here.