Brighton College Prep Pre-Xmas Events Raises £20,000 for charity

In the run up to Christmas last year, Brighton College Prep School Parents’ Association, with the support of pupils, parents and Head Master John Weeks, managed to raise an incredible £20,000 for charity. Staff and children from Brighton Prep School held a popular Christmas Fair as well as an auction at the i360.

£10K was awarded to the Starr Trust and £10K will go to Extra Cover, a Sri Lankan charity supported by the school Chaplain, Fr Robert Easton.

Extra Cover feeds 1,214 children every day so the money raised will pay for three months of food. The organisation looks after 3 Sri Lankan schools by also providing educational supplies and clean water.

The charity works with people with learning difficulties and the marginalised Tamil community. It runs regular events and receives some funding through grants and the British council in Sri Lanka. Brighton College takes 50 of its pupils over to Sri Lanka each year to work with the charity.

At the Starr Trust we were absolutely thrilled to be given a cheque for £10,000. This will impact enormously on number of children we can help. We believe in a world in which young people are supported to flourish as individuals whilst making a positive contribution to their community. Brighton College has a similar ethos and it is poignant that their young students have done so much to help our young Champions.