A Heart Warming Story During the Big Freeze!

We are so excited to share the news that the students from Brighton College Prep School raised an incredible £8800 at their Christmas Fair. The money was split between ourselves and the organisation Extra Cover which helps young people in Sri Lanka. Extra Cover is supported by Father Robert Easton who is the chaplain at the college.

£4400 is a huge amount of money and will make a massive difference to us. It means we could champion a young person for a whole year and change their life dramatically. In the same way Extra Cover actually built a whole school and fed its pupils, who without their help wouldn’t get more than one meal a day.

The cheques were presented by Head Teacher Mr Weeks and two school pupils and it was lovely to be part of their World Book Day Assembly. We also learned that on such a cold snowy week the children were still giving by donating blankets and Rose and her mum spent four hours driving around the area keeping homeless people warm.

Father Easton, chaplain at Brighton College Prep, Rosie Molloy and Tracey Narvaez from the Starr Trust