Ideas For Events

Themed parties

Parties are always fun, but what about a themed party? Why not choose your favourite film or book, or why not host your own murder mystery party? You can ask everyone for a small donation to go towards the Trust. Raising money doesn’t have to be hard work!

Fit to Give

How about you or a group of friends or work colleagues cycling to work for a month? Or how about giving your body a break and missing your daily sweets, cakes or cappuccino for a month? You could save all that the money and donate it to the Trust; and at the same time treat your body to a well deserved break from the naughty stuff.

What does a Promise cost?

Why not ask your friends and family to promise a service? You could then have an informal party or gathering and auction the promises to the highest bidder. Promise to walk their dog for a week, cook a meal for them or wash their car.

Have a table top sale

Get together with friends and sell your unwanted items at a car boot sale or street sale. To add a finishing touch sell homemade cakes and treats.