Vaughan left school last year in June 2014, to be home educated after being diagnosed with special needs. His mother sought a hobby for Vaughan, and found Marina Studios, who took a strong liking to Vaughan and told her about the Starr Trust who funded him to attend dance classes there.

Vaughan was so mentally stressed and anxious he hated to speak to anyone or be noticed, he often hid behind his mother and was always on the verge of tears, getting him into these classes was a massive challenge, even though he wanted to do it. He soon earned a certificate for most hardworking and improved individual, and shortly after danced on stage with his dance group at the Dome Brighton.

His mother says: “He got up and danced free style at “funk the family” festival in Hove park, not just once, although that first step into the dance space took hours, but from that first step in to that space till we finished up and tried to go home, he danced non stop, past the point of exhaustion, even challenged his two adult teachers to a dance off, made everyone laugh and he involved everyone too, became a real lively motivational dude, it was just breath-taking for me seeing him with such massive confidence.

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Update January 2018

We supported Vaughan to have a further year of Streetfunk lessons, and to attend dance training camp.