15 year old Spike from Southwick finds golf a place where he can forget about struggles and focus on his passion. He regularly volunteers in youth coaching clubs at West Hove golf course and has achieved incredibly well in his age category in a short period of time. He has attended the Sussex Squad Development Academy and will be playing at the youth world qualifier event in March 2019 as well as attending a full-time talent golf academy college to allow him to qualify as a coach in the future. His award pays for new golfing equipment which is required at high level events and in his professional learning environment.

Spike says “I am honoured to have been recognised by the Starr Trust and to be welcomed into the family of Champions. I will work hard to demonstrate the priceless opportunity that this will bring to me to achieve my sporting dreams into my adolescence. Words can not express how much the generous donations of so many will always be appreciated, allowing me the freedom to expand into a career and future that gives me so very much freedom. Thank you to everyone and for the legacy that you leave with me.
I don’t wish for my story to be hidden, my voice is about having determination to prove that despite financial restraint it has taken personal dedication and self belief along with great individuals who have donated much professional time to see me succeed, having acknowledged my at times difficult background. I have an active Instagram account displaying all my golfing activity - click here or search for spike_redman_land.

Update May 2019
The Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club would like to fund all the money for the clubs that Spike was awarded in January. They gave an unusually high donation to us in recognition of the support that we and our Champions’ families have given to their events.