Nisar and his family suffered terrible trauma at the hands of the Taliban in his home town in Afghanistan. In 2015 he left his country and after an arduous 10 month journey, travelling alone, he arrived at the Calais Camps. He spent 3 months there where he was subjected to rubber bullets and tear gas from the French police.

He was finally granted permission to travel to the UK through the DUBS 111 family reunification amendment of the Immigration Bill 2016 and in October 2016 was reunited with his father. He was very keen to study, and we were able to buy him a laptop and mobile phone to help him with this. He is currently studying IT and Business, and given that he spoke no English before arriving here, he is learning fast, working very hard and doing amazingly well.

In November last year he was invited to attend the Houses of Parliament and at a later date, the House of Lords. He was asked to talk to the House about his experiences as a refugee. He then went on to meet with the well respected actor Juliet Stevenson. He really wants to go to University and has begun to write a book about his journey here. He is also involved with the Hummingbird Project which provides refugee aid and solidarity in the UK.

Update March 2018

Nisar gave his feedback on how the Starr Trust has helped him:

How has your Award made a difference so far?
The award has brought a huge change in my life, especially when it comes to education and sport

Has having your award had any impact with your school/college or education?
It brought out confidence in me and made me believe in myself

Has having your award had any impact with your family?
Whenever my dad found he was very happy and very proud of me because back then I didn’t have enough support for my education and for my sports, whereas now things have changed and this award has brought a huge impact towards my success and support

What have been the main challenges for you over the last twelve months?
I wanted to get a positive and a successful result in my exam and this award lead me into that success and brought out the best potential in me.

What have been the highlights for you over the last twelve months?
Passing my exam and and winning the final in cricket, plus the award also boosted my skills in cricket and gave me the appropriate facilities which I feel very lucky for.

Has your confidence changed from having our support?
My confidence has definitely increased and it all made me believe in myself

Are you happy with your relationship with the Starr Trust?
Yes I am very happy and very lucky to have this great relationship with the Starr Trust

Do you need any other help from us at the moment?
Yes, I still need a balling machine for cricket which is very important because it would allow me to train myself even further and it would help me become a better player than I already am

Do you have any suggestions on how we might support our Champions better?
I think the way you supported me is kind of enough because I really can’t ask for any better support since I am already very with the way you support me

Update January 2018
We awarded Nisar a gym membership, some cricket shoes and monthly payment for his mobile phone to help him socialise.

Update May 2017
Nisar is settling into life in Brighton. He has joined Karbelzalmi cricket team, following his shopping trip to buy cricket equipment, and has passed the aural part of his English exam. He is currently looking to get some funding for his weekly cricket tournament.

Big thanks to Jack at Nick Rivett Sport in Hove who helped Nisar choose his cricket equipment and gave us a great deal! Nisar was kitted out with a new cricket bat, shin pads, shoes, helmet and gloves, and is thrilled! We look forward to hearing how Nisar gets on in his tournament!