Macy, 15, is a very talented and dedicated dancer which she studies at Gielgud Academy in Haywards Heath. Unfortunately, her family were finding it increasingly difficult to fund her lessons. 

We have been able to offer Macy a grant to pay for her tuition and exam fees to be able to allow her to continue her dream.

Macy’s sister says “We feel truly honoured to be awarded and supported by The Starr Trust. Without the funding Macy would not be able to continue with her passion for dancing, and because of this we cannot thank Starr Trust enough. We look forward to the future and being part of such a fantastic and inspiring charity.

Update January 2018

We paid for a further two terms of Macy’s dance tuition and exam fees. Macy received a treat from the Brighton and Hove Rotary Club when she was taken to see the ballet at Brighton Dome in December 2017.

Update November 2017

Macy and her sister Kirsty spoke recently at the Brighton and Hove Rotary Club along with Rob Starr about how their donation of £500 had helped Macy attend another term of dance college.