Lee has a passion for tractors. He has had a very traumatic start to life and has developmental trauma, as well as attachment disorder. He is unable to engage in special school environment and has to be supported by two members of staff at all times. He receives his education off site with a bespoke learning curriculum. He enjoys spending lots of time outdoors and attends Forest School one morning a week.

It is felt he would greatly benefit from attending an access to work experience on a farm for one session a week.

Lee’s ambition is to be able to attend Plumpton College.

The Starr Trust awarded Lee £1170 to cover the cost of the farm sessions.

Update March 2017

Lee has been working with FarmBuddies who arrange social care farming programmes across the South East.

Lee is a pupil at the Cedar Centre in Brighton and his school has been very pleased with the results of his Friday trips to the farm. They told the publication Amaze; “Lee has improved his team work, time management, social skills and career focus, the plan now for 2017 is very encouraging.

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