14 year old Kieran was finding it very hard to cope in the large secondary school he was attending. When he and his mum found out about the Self Managed Learning Centre, which was due to open in September 2006 they went along to the open day and although Kieran was anxious about returning to a ‘school’ environment, his mum insisted knowing it would be right for him and they secured a place.

It has been a financial struggle keeping Kieran at the Centre but he has now attended for 3 academic years. During that time, he has grown in confidence and is a talented writer, coping very well with 4 GCSEs and is set to attend a mainstream college to take his A levels when he finishes his exams. In 2010 he only has one more year at the Centre left before College.

Starr Trust Grant: £3600 to pay for Kieran to finish his final year at South Downs Learning Centre.