Daisy, aged 15, has been studying at Bird Studios and loves musical theatre. She has suffered serious health problems and her regular classes give her a release from every day life. Her mother is limited with working hours as Daisy’s younger brother suffers from anxiety making it very difficult to keep up payments for the classes.

We were able to award Daisy with £750 which will cover a year of classes.

Daisy’s theatre arts training at Bird gives her an incentive to keep moving forward through her recovery process. The award means that she can continue to progress. It will make a huge difference to her life

Daisy is featured in the #IAMWHOLE campaign which launched in October 2016. She’s featured in the campaign video, the accompanying music video and her story is on the website.

Update February 2019

We have funded Daisy to help pay for further singing tuition.

Daisy says “I have been able to pursue my dream of working professionally in musical theatre thanks to the funding that I have received from the Starr Trust. Without it I would have been unable to continue. I am always proud to tell people that I am supported by the Starr Trust

Update November 2018

Daisy has started her musical theatre training at BRICTT this September, and is also receiving extra singing lessons from BADA Studios

Update September 2018

We are delighted to share that Daisy, along with Champions Jasmine and Jessie-Jae, will be performing at Brighton and Hove Rotary’s Creative Exposed event this Saturday at 10.25AM. Please do come along and support them.

Update January 2018

We have paid for a further year of classes at Bird Studios for Daisy.

Update September 2017
Daisy played Eponine from Les Miserables in the recent production by Bird Studios at the Old Market in Brighton.

Update January 2017
After playing the role of Gertrude McFuzz in Seussical the Musical at the end of last term at Bird, Daisy was selected for Nathan Potter’s troupe of twelve young ladies who are planning performances in and around Brighton.

Her school musical this year is ‘Footloose’ and she will be playing Ethel McCormack. She also continues to play clarinet in the school big band.

Daisy’s mum Tracy says; “Being a Starr Trust Champion has enabled her to keep up her training. Performing is her life so thank you and your colleagues for the opportunity.

Update November 2016
Daisy has landed the leading role of Gertrude in the forthcoming Bird production of Seussical the Musical on 11th December 2016.

Mother Tracy says “I think it will be a great opportunity for her and an ideal time to chronicle everything that goes in and send it to you, hoping to get a video diary of rehearsals