Ava loves photography. She has recently completed a Silver Arts Award in photography and her aim is to complete her Gold Arts award; this will then give her the accredited qualification she needs to take photography level 3 at college. The college she was attending unfortunately ran into funding difficulty and her course was discontinued, so in order to get to the next level she needs to complete this Gold Arts Award. She requires the funds to get mentoring from Lindsey Smith from Photoworks and also a new camera and some software. She has a huge passion for photography and had recently won an award from the Fabrica Gallery for the best soundtrack in a film competition. 

The Starr Trust has provided funding for a new camera, software and mentoring from Lindsey Smith to achieve her Gold Arts Award.

Ava says, “I feel honoured to have been given the Edward Starr Award, and with it I want to create a project that will delight and inspire young ‘camera heads’ like me! It will allow me to have the guidance of Lindsey Smith, who constantly inspires me with her kindness, cheerfulness and creativity and it will enable me to use high quality equipment and software to get my ideas across with better effect. It will also give me the chance to do a Gold Arts Award in photography which will prove to colleges that I have what it takes to study photography in the future.

I am so looking forward to this opportunity. Thank you to the Starr Trust for supporting me.